ZESCO themselves to blame for the unfortunate exit

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your widely read newspaper to air my views on Zesco United’s recent exit last weekend from the confederations cup.

My take on the unfortunate elimination from the second tier of continental club competition owing to poor game management was a painful thing to witness considering that the South African opposition Supersport scored in the last minute of the match.

Honestly Zesco United should have easily nailed going by the number of clear cut opportunities that were being missed by the front men most notably John Ching’andu.

It was as if the Ndola giants were meant to pay for their inefficiency in front of goal and dearly they paid the price for conceding on both occasions silly goals.

It was quite disappointing to see Zesco United drawing the match after twice going in front more so after recording an impressive nil-nil score-line result away from home.

But to see all the excellent effort coming to nothing was rather a very painful outcome to observe.

Whenever a local club is representing the country in continental club competition, it’s worth noting that they in turn carry the hopes and ambitions of the wider aspirations of the footballing mad nation of ours.

Hence they are expected to die a little than to let go off a chances to reach the semi-final.

I think it was very careless and Zesco United players basically have themselves to blame for the unfortunate exit.


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