ZAMBIANS love God. This is evidenced by the high number of churches dotted around the country and by the increasing number of evangelists within and from outside preaching the word to the masses.

The country has gone through some tough times where faith was the only string holding the nation together.

When the National soccer team perished in a plane crash off the coast of Gabon in 1993, the nation was shell shocked and almost every house was in mourning. Then President, Frederick Chiluba paid a glowing tribute to God, to take care of his people. Thousands that thronged the independence stadium to mourn wept with the President as he cried to God, why?

As Christians, the cry to God was for restoration of faith. That the national tragedy should not make people turn away from God.

Indeed the nation has grown in faith. The declaration of October 18 as the day of national prayers, fasting and reconciliation was generally well-raised by all men and women of faith. A few dissenting voices were there because for some people they deemed the day would be politicised.

Today marks the third anniversary of the declaration of the day of national prayers, fasting and reconciliation.

In his own words, President Frederick Chiluba’s declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation on December 29 1991…

Dear God. As a nation, we now come to your throne of grace and we humble ourselves and admit our guilt. We repent from our wicked ways of idolatry, witchcraft, the occults, immorality, injustice and corruption, and all other sins that have violated your righteous laws.


We turn away from all this and renounce it all in Jesus’ name. We ask for your forgiveness dear father and cleansing through the blood of Jesus. Therefore, we thank you that you will heal our land, we pray that you will send healing, restoration, revival, blessing and prosperity to Zambia, In the name of Jesus, Amen.


On behalf of the nation, we have now entered into a covenant lord, with the living God, and therefore I want to make the following declaration “I declare today that I submit myself today as President to the lordship of Jesus Christ. I likewise submit the government and the entire nation of Zambia to the lordship of Jesus Christ. I further declare that Zambia is a Christian nation that will seek to be governed by the righteous principles of the word of God.


Righteousness and justice must prevail in all levels of authority, and then we shall see the righteousness of God exhorting Zambia.


My fellow Zambians, let this message reach all civil servants in all government departments. This time of corruption and bribery is over. For too long these wicked practices have been destroying and tearing down the nation. Now the hour has come for our building up, the hour has come for stability. For in Proverbs 29:4 declares that one who is greedy for bribes tears down a nation, but by justice a king or a President gives the country a stability.


The book of Romans Chapter 13 versus 11, urges us to understand the present time, as the hour has come for us to wake up from our slumber because our salvation is near. The night is nearly over, and the day is almost here, so let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armour of light, fellow countrymen, fellow Zambians, a new dawn has come to Zambia, May God bless and help us all to live according to his righteous laws.

In 2015, First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda dedicated Zambia to God, releasing healing in the nation. This was after being honoured by President Lungu at the investiture ceremony at State House to mark the African Freedom Day.

“I release the nation, its people and the presidency from every negative forces made against Zambia. I submit the souls now living and prosperity and also its presidency to the salvation and lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Father,” said Dr Kaunda.

“I further declare that Zambia shall forever enjoy tranquillity and remain a united and peaceful people under the motto; One Zambia, One nation,” Dr. Kaunda said.

At the same function, Zambia’s sixth President Edgar Lungu challenged Zambians to embrace a culture of fostering unity in the country as means of attaining national development.

This has continued to be President Lungu’s rallying call to all Zambians to promote unity through love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

The new policy direction of “no one left behind” that he announced when he addressed Parliament on September 14, underscores the seriousness with which unity is being linked to development. Every corner of the country will be considered for development so that there no Zambians lacking what other regions are enjoying in as far as infrastructure such as health centres and schools are concerned.

In her ministerial statement to Parliament last week, National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili said every Zambian was invited to take part in the prayers.

She told Parliament that Zambians love God and are happy when their leaders show love of God and that therefore all leaders should feel free to take part in the prayers.

Some leaders like Rainbow Party secretary general, Wynter Kabimba, have vowed not to attend the event because they don’t see that it has reduced divisions in the nation.

According to Mr Kabimba, the event has done the opposite, which is to increase divisions in the country.

But as Rev. Sumaili told Parliament, it was government’s wish for every Zambian to be part of the annual event, which would mark its third anniversary today.

“We will invite everybody because we want all Zambians to seek the face of God on 18th October. All political parties will be invited because we would like all Zambians to have their leaders seek God’s face. A ministerial statement was made in parliament inviting all Zambians to participate in this important national day,” Rev. Sumaili said.

She was reacting to threats by the UPND that it would shun the event in the absence of a formal invitation from government.

And other men of God have added their voices urging people to turn up today for prayers.

Bible Gospel Church in Africa presiding overseer Bishop Peter Ndhlovu said the National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance is for all Zambians who believe in God.

 Bishop Ndhlovu called on all political leaders, chiefs and all well-meaning Zambians not to politicise the national event.

“I believe that the National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Repentance is not political. It should be out of politics. We should all seek God and I want to ask and earnestly appeal to all Zambians to come and participate in this important event.

“This is the third anniversary and therefore all Zambians are being invited. We in the preparatory committee have done all what we could. We should not look at this day as if it is for the President. It is for all Zambians, all Christians, and all leaders who are aiming to lead this country,” Bishop Ndhlovu said.

He said everyone must know that Zambians chose to be governed by Biblical principles.

“If you are against it I don’t think that is the spirit to lead this country. All of us are coming to pray because we know that every challenge can only be dealt with by God because he is the final vindicator.

“I pray that all our political leaders should not look at who has called for this day. This is our opportunity to meet God and pray. I urge all politicians to put their differences aside and work towards the unity of this country. We cannot politicise anything in this country.”

He added: “If you refuse to pray, which people are you going to preside over? Unless this country is not under God as we have declared ourselves. I am urging all Zambians to bury all our political and tribal differences so that we can come together as one Zambia one nation.

“Our chiefs must also be part of these prayers because we don’t want anything against God. I want to appeal to all the churches in Lusaka to gather in numbers at the Lusaka Show grounds…we want all Copperbelt church leaders and their members to gather at Nkana Stadium and I believe God will hear our prayers.”

Therefore as Christians of all faith gather today to commune with each other and with God, let the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation continue to unite its people.

For Zambia shall remain a Christian nation.

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