THE ZAMBIA Association of Musicians (ZAM) has described Pilato’s latest and seemingly controversial single as another abuse of freedom of expression by the Copperbelt-based satirical singer and poet. According to a statement by ZAM president Njoya Tembo famously known as Njoya Tee, the association has disapproved and condemned Pilato’s song saying it is demeaning the Head of State. “ZAM would like to acknowledge that musicians across the world are important agents of change through the contents of their music, songs and personal character.

Zambia, being a democracy, ZAM encourages its members and all artists to continue exercising their right to comment on social and political matters with full citizen responsibility, professional objectivity and mutual respect for everyone,” stated Njoya. “Despite Pilato not being our member, ZAM would like to make its official position on the song as it concerns our sector. In this regard, ZAM would like to disapprove of the latest song ‘Koswe Mumpoto’ done by Pilato as we deem it to be another abuse of freedom of expression using music. As it is very clear that the song in question is meant to demean the Head of State and President of Zambia.

” Mr Tembo believes the song by Pilato born Chama Fumbe is political and divisive. “ZAM finds the song to be too politically vindictive, judgmental and one that fosters character assassination, political hostility and division in the country. As a matter of fact, ZAM believes that music should not at any given time be used as a tool to propagate hate speech, citizen hatred and bitterness.

To the contrary, ZAM is of the view that, music is a tool to be used for promoting unity, love, peace and oneness in the spirit of ’ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION!’’ the statement read. However, ZAM’s reaction and Pilato’s song have both been received with mixed feelings. Other people prominent in the music industry feel ZAM would have kept quiet on the matter and believe the song by Pilato is not in any way relating to the Republican President.

Early this week, Pilato unleashed ‘Koswe Mumpoto’, a satirical idea that is describing different characteristics of leadership. The song has since gone viral and has once  again put Pilato on the spotlight making him relieve the experience of the time he released another seemingly controversial single ‘Alungu ana bwera’ a rendition of Mulemena’s Apiri ana Bwera.

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