Woman admits promising to kill her husband if he cheated on her


A 30-YEAR-OLD woman admitted in a local court saying she will kill her husband if he is found with another woman or paralyse his manhood because it was the one bringing problems.

 This was in a case in which Mercy Byemba of Zingalume compound sued her husband, Vernon Byemba, 37, for reconciliation.

However, Byemba refused to reconcile with his wife, Mercy saying she can kill him.

The two got married in 2007 and they have four children, dowry was paid.

Mercy told Senior Court Magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Ronnie Shafwensha at Matero Local Court that problems started in 2013 when Byemba started having money because he started sleeping with his shorts on the pretext that he was getting ready to chase a thief if he comes at night.

She explained that later she found love messages from a woman on Byemba’s phone but they reconciled.

Mercy added that in June 2017 Byemba stopped bringing enough money home on the pretext that he got a loan but she was shocked to find money in the house and love messages again on his phone.

“Byemba was coming home at 21 hours but he was knocking off at 17 hours and a month ago after I questioned him why he was coming home late he got annoyed and started sleeping in the sitting room. It pained me because he said he was going to prostitutes,” said Mercy.

Mercy said that Byemba wrote her a divorce letter which she produced in court.

Byemba said that problems started in 2010 because if he didn’t have money he wouldn’t find water for bathing.

He admitted being found with love message on phone but said it was only a friend on face book.

Byemba explained that Mercy warned him that she would kill him if she found him with another woman or paralyse his manhood and that it was the reason he started sleeping in the sitting room, adding that he wrote a divorce letter.

But Mercy said that she told Byemba that she would kill him or make his manhood paralysed if she finds him with another woman because he asked her what she could do if she found him with another woman, adding that she suspected he had a girlfriend.

Magistrate Newa said that there is lack of communication because in marriage people need to talk to iron out issues.

She said that there was also lack of trust because Byemba admitted sending love messages to a girlfriend on face book instead of sending to his wife to make her feel good.

She said that Mercy was not supposed to be good to Byemba only when he had money.

She ruled a failed reconciliation since Byemba refused saying he fears to be killed.

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