Wheelbarrow pusher fined K8, 000 for adultery


A Lusaka wheelbarrow pusher has been fined K8, 000 by a local court after he found guilty of committing adultery with someone’s wife who he has since impregnated.

This is in a case in which Tambuzai Zulu, 46, of John Laing compound sued Mike Daka, 35, a wheelbarrow pusher of Chaisa compound for committing adultery with his wife, Olipa Mwansa, 33 who is now two months pregnant.

Apparently Daka committed adultery with Olipa after she left matrimonial home three months ago. Zulu told Senior Court Magistrates Abbyshine Michelo and Esther Mulomba at Kanyama Local Court that he married Mwansa in 1999 and that they have six children.

He explained that Mwansa left matrimonial home in August 2017 after they differed over her late home coming because of Daka whom he said at one time he found fondling Mwansa’s breasts. Zulu said that he followed Mwansa in the morning in Chibolya he saw her coming out of her house with Daka.

He said on October 21, he went to Mwansa’s house at 22.00 hours and found her sleeping with Daka naked and that he collected Daka’s clothes and took him to police.

“At Police station Mwansa said that I was her husband and that Daka was her boyfriend. When I sued Daka for adultery I found that Mwansa has sued me for divorce. Yesterday Mwansa denied being pregnant, but when we were ordered to go for pregnancy test she was found to be pregnant,’’ said Zulu.

Zulu produced the documents from Kanyama hospital before the court to prove that his wife was pregnant. Mwansa testified that Zulu was her husband but they were on separation and that Daka as wheelbarrow pusher, carried her merchandise in town where she did business. She testified that she was surprised to see Daka coming home at 19.00 hours with a child to fix an adaptor and that at 20.00 hours Zulu came with a mob, adding he stripped Daka before taking them to police. The court said that the results from hospital showed that Mwansa was indeed pregnant. The court said that the question was why Mwansa was denying being pregnant when she was married to Zulu.

The court found Daka guilty of committing adultery and ordered to compensate Zulu with K8000 by monthly instalments of K500.

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