We know those creating problems in PF – Lungu

By ANNIE ZULU in Lavushimanda

PEOPLE who wanted to take over the Patriotic Front (PF) when President Sata died are the ones now creating problems in the party, President Lungu has disclosed.

He has advised politicians in the party to manage their ambitions and be patient.

 “There are some people who wanted to take over when President Sata died and they still have not accepted that I am President. Comrades, if you cannot accept to be led, the you cannot make a good leader,”

And President Lungu said the creation of new districts was ‘irreversible’ because the decision made by Government was meant to benefit the people.

He said people in these new districts should benefit from services of the government.

He said Government had heard the cries of people to have a decentralised form of administration from a centralised one.

The President was speaking in Lavushimanda district when he met chiefs Mpumba and Chundaponde-Chibwabwa of the Bisa-speaking people.

President Lungu pledged that Government would provide the necessary infrastructure in conformity with the district status of Lavushimanda by providing good road and communication networks.

He noted that the provision of good infrastructures, administration block, electricity and water spurs development in any society.

Speaking earlier, the chiefs commended the President f

or turning Lavushimanda into a district.

Chief Chundamponde said they would rally behind President Lungu, the government and the entire PF leadership in the realisation of economic development in their area. President Lungu and the traditional chiefs also held private talks in Lavushimanda and Kanchibiya districts, noting that government attaches great importance to the contribution of spearheading national development from traditional leadership.

Senior Chief Kopa, Chief Luchembe, Kabinga and Mpepo conferred and met with the Head of State.

President Lungu later held a public rally at Muchelenje and Chalabesa Basic School grounds where he explained government’s determination and roadmap to developing the two districts in particular and Muchinga Province as a whole.

Lavushimanda and Kanchibiya were formerly part of Mpika.

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