By Chintu Malambo

Gender Based Violence (GBV)  will be conquered if men will use their strength to protect their wives and not abuse them,  Lieutenant General Eric Chinese has said.

Speaking when he was guest of honor at a wedding ceremony  Given Mulatu and Dazy  Samakai held in Lusaka,  Gen Chimese  said  marriage called for serious dedication to the vows and most of all support for the other person in the area where GBV was rampant.

He said there was nothing that made one happier than knowing that they were protected by their partner.

“Never go into marriage searching for problems  in whatever you partner does or says.  Being human as we all are, you will definitely find plenty of them but you must embrace the differences of your partner.

“I like the saying that man was made strong not to abuse woman but to protect them, nothing makes a woman happier than the feeling of being loved and cared for,” he said.

He advised the newly weds to show love and respect each other whereever they may be.

Gen Chimese further urged family members to allow couples resolve their problems on their and not be quick to intervene.  “ When necessary,  give the couple sound advice  and support then in all they do but do not be quick to intervene,” he said.

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