UPND blasts Antonio


ANTONIO Mwanza is still a toddler, he cannot handle Hakainde Hichilema because he has survived character assassination by the big guys, says UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma.

Mr Kakoma said that Mr Mwanza was still a baby when Mr Hichilema ascended to the helm of the United Party for National Development.

The UPND spokesperson was incensed by former Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) deputy secretary general, Mr Mwanza’s claims that he knew the UPND better than anyone and helped Mr Hichilema to become its president.

“I know the UPND better than anyone and I am one of the people who made Hakainde Hichilema to become president of the party. I was the president of UNZA students and I was making structures for UPND so no one can tell me about HH. I know how to handle him,” said Mr Mwanza when he defected to the PF at the weekend.

Mr Kakoma charged that Mr Mwanza cannot handle Mr Hichilema, adding that “the young man had been blinded.”

He said that character assassination on the UPND leader by Mr Mwanza would not work because many mightier than him (Mwanza) had tried but failed.

The UPND spokesperson claimed several accusations had been made against Mr Hichilema but that people had shrugged them all away.

Mr Kakoma wondered what else Mr Mwanza was going to disclose on Mr Hichilema, Adding that Zambians already knew everything on the UPND leader.

“The young man is totally blinded, he is basically saying his job will be to do character assassination on Mr Hichilema. He can’t handle Mr Hichilema or even claim that he campaigned for him, we never saw him, and he was nowhere near the party.  Antonio was still a toddler when Hakainde become UPND president,” he said.

Mr Kakoma laughed off claims by Mr Mwanza that he campaigned for Mr Hichilema to become UPND president.

Meanwhile, Mr Kakoma said that Mr Mwanza’s preoccupation now should not be about Mr Hichilema but to save the dented image of the PF.

He reiterated that Mr Mwanza misunderstood his role and did not know his job if he was going to the PF to handle Mr Hichilema.

Mr Kakoma insisted that Mr Mwanza’s preoccupation should not be about an individual but save the PF government from

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