WE fully support the Minister of Home affairs, Mr Stephen Kampyongo, in his quest to get to the bottom of the truth regarding the sex orgy that took place in Woodlands residential area, Lusaka.

Nobody should be spared from culpability, prosecution and indeed responsibility if they played any role in getting the young men and women to congregate at the house for immoral purposes.

We are glad that Mr Kampyongo has come out strongly and stated in no uncertain terms that all those involved in the Woodlands sex scandal must be brought to book.

It is unfortunate that the police decided to prefer a totally unrelated offence of (conduct) which could not be applied to the circumstances of the occasion.  The young men and women met for a common purpose, namely an act of unbridled hedonism to enjoy themselves without any moral or ethical restraint.

In essence, this would be called a victimless offence because none of the participants would complain.  And yet what took place was against morality.

It is for this reason that a proper investigation involving various agencies must be undertaken to identify the full range of culprits involved in order to put a stop to any future activities of similar nature.

First and foremost, it is clear there was a form of communication through social media, phone contact, sms or indeed whatsup, which should have been circulated to all the participants alerting them of the date, timing, location or venue.

This was not an impromptu or spontaneous activity, it was well planned and well executed and if it was not for public spirited citizens, the matter would not have been brought to the attention of the general public.

It follows therefore that a complete electronic trail has been left behind which should be utilised to round up all those involved.

Our communication service providers should be able to avail the police communication schedules indicative of the large scale consultation that took place before the offence.

It is not true that police have to undertake any extraordinary investigations into this matter.  The venue is well known, the house is known and all those who participated, at least most of them are known because they paid admission of guilt fee for a wrong offence which should be upgraded to the rightful one of participating in a morally reprehensible activity.

Two clear crimes of defilement and procuring of lewd activity are immediately available for the police.  As a nation, we must learn to frown at activities that belittle and therefore undermine our rich cultural heritage.

Crimes against public decency and morality are much more invidious in undermining the character of a nation because they appear harmless and yet go to the very root of human society founded on a family unit as the primary building block for all the civilisation and development of society, sex remains the one activity that should be rightfully confined to the conjugal benefit of an established family.

Outside this structure, and if abused, the family would be destabilised and a nation of broken families cannot aspire to higher values.

Equally, traditional society has built rituals on traditions around sex in the recognition that it serves an integral purpose in building families.

It is not to be abused or indeed paraded as an object of instant gratification because outcome of an unbridled abuse has social, psychological and anthropological ramifications.

Let us protect our society and bring to shame those who undermine our values, expectations and character.

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