TODAY, Zambians from all walks of life – regardless of their tribe, political affiliation and religious denominations – will converge at various locations to participate in the National Day of Prayer and Fasting.

This is the third year running believers and God-fearing citizens alike will take part in this important event to pray and worship together since the day was declared a public holiday by President Edgar Lungu on October 18, 2015.

Since its inception three years ago, the public holiday for prayer and fasting has received widespread support across the nation.

Why is this so? Simple, it’s an important day of repentance, fasting and reconciliation, and most importantly a day to seek the face of God Almighty the Creator for divine favour.

It’s simply a day for the nation to turn to God in prayer and meditation.  A day for his many mercies bestowed on the nation.

It’s a day for God – an opportunity for those who trust in the Lord God to seek Him and renew their faith and loyalty to Him.

Contrary to insinuations by some opposition political party critics, it is neither a day for politicking nor is it a Patriotic Front (PF) function. In fact, it’s a conducive day for politicians to temporary hang up their political boxing gloves to reconcile and unite – at least just for a day.

As President Edgar Lungu said yesterday at the airport in Lusaka before departure to the Copperbelt where he will join multitudes of Zambians in prayer and fasting at Nkana Stadium in Kitwe, it was an important day for all Zambians to forgive and unite.

The President observed that the day was an opportunity for people to reflect and seek ways on how to maintain the unity that the country has continued to enjoy over the years.

Indeed, how can there be development in the country without unity?  There’s no doubt that Zambia enjoys God’s favour going by the peace and tranquillity the country has continued to enjoy since independence in 1964.

It is wrong, therefore, for citizens to turn to the same God just for a day, today to seek forgiveness and his blessings for continued peace and stability?

We recognise the fact that some people do not believe in observing this day for  reasons best known to themselves, well, they are free to stay home as they are not obliged to attend.  However, let them not discourage those who want to take part in the prayers.

We are not surprised that some political parties have chosen to snub the event and have given a litany of political reasons for refusing to attend.

Not surpassing at all!  But what is baffling is that some of these opposition leaders have gone as far as banning members from attending the prayers.

Sadly, these are the same leaders who claim they are democratic.  But what democracy forbids people from attending national prayers?

This is a national event and therefore all Zambians are free to participate.

If anything, it should not just be a one-off event where at the end of the day we each go our separate ways.

We are actually supposed to move together after prayers as one people with a common destiny, in tandem with our national logo – One Zambia One Nation.

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