Robert Amsterdam: The PF's Attack on Rule of Law

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Oscar Benavides, a Peruvian president from the 1930s, once famously quipped, “For my friends, anything; for my enemies, the law.” Benavides’ comment is probably the illustrative example of how political leaders of the past sometimes regarded the law not as a principle or the cornerstone of the social contract, but rather


CONTROVESY over the ownership of the Patriotic Front (PF) Company has taken a new twist with Vice president Dr Guy Scott saying there was nothing sinister about having President Michael Sata as one of the directors while PF national chairperson Inonge Wina expressed ignorance on the directors and ownership of

By Election Corruption

The excessively extravagant game of chance run by the Patriotic Front in the form of corrupt by elections is a matter that the National Assembly must consider very seriously. Already lawyers representing the Patriotic Front are facing problems in claiming their dues from the party, but it is clear that the

Judge Warns State

High Court Judge Fulgence Chisanga has warned government to stop commenting on the tribunal which is before her court as doing so amounted to contempt of court. This was after one of the lawyers representing suspended Judges Nigel Mutuna, and Charles Kajimanga Abyudi Shonga asked the court for Guidance on the