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THE attempt by the police to cover up the despicable and nauseating criminal activities that took place in the Woodlands house in Lusaka where more than 70 youngsters were involved in a sex orgy cannot be accepted by any right thinking Zambian.

That is conduct that must be punished to provide a demonstrative effect to the rest of the community that obscenity however contrived or constructed would be frowned upon by society in the most severe manner possible.

We expect the police to establish a number of factors regarding that event, namely, who organised that event, how was it communicated to participants and is there an existing group that is involved in these activities?

It is not enough to identify the caretaker of the house where this event took place.  He must be made to reveal who booked him and how he participated in the organisation of the event.  The ring leaders must be identified and we expect the police to name these within the week and we have no intention of relenting on this demand.

While the sex itself may be a matter of activity between two individuals and may be consensual, it amounts to a crime in the manner it is conducted and the circumstances in which it is procured.

That is why we expect the police to go beyond the act itself to identify the people responsible, who found the venue, those who organised the event and individually, those who participated.

What happened was a crime which offends morality, public decency and indeed provided lewdness, indecency and fornication in a manner that is deserving of severe retribution to enforce community values.

We are surprised that the police preferred an offence of conduct likely to cause a breach of peace that really has nothing to do with the sexual connotation of the offence that must be charged in offences as against morality provided for by Chapter 15 of the laws of Zambia.

The laws here are specific to sexual crimes and it is difficult to understand why police have not used this section.  We are made to speculate like many other people that some of the children involved maybe the progeny’s of high ranking members of society who do not want to be embarrassed by the event.

This should not be the case because we have the larger society to be protected and therefore those who abrogate the law must face the full wrath of the law as provided for by our penal code.

First and foremost, whoever provided the venue for the indecent acts should be charged against Section 42, namely Section 142 which clearly indicates that any person who procures or attempts to procure any girl or woman under the age of 21 to have unlawful carnal connection with any person or persons is guilty of an offence.

We are surprised that the person who was in charge of the property was allowed with a “slap on the wrist” to admit to conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace. This is a wrong charge.  The person organised a sexual orgy which in itself was a charge against morality.

Secondly, we understand most of the girls were below the age of consent and therefore qualified for defilement and the law states very clearly that any person who unlawfully and carnally knows any girls under the age of 16 is guilty of the felony of defilement and is liable to imprisonment for life.

The police have statements in their admission of crime forms which must show the ages of those involved and we believe the majority of girls were about 13 years of age and therefore were defiled, some even went to lose their virginity in the orgy.

This was criminal and could not definitely qualify as a simple case of misconduct.

Defilement of girls under 16 years of age is an offence that deserves stiff punishment.  Therefore the Police Service cannot be allowed to cover up what happened in Woodlands because they are intimidated or forced to pass it as a mere event.

We expect the full wrath of the law to take is course to ensure that public decency and morality are maintained.

Obscenity is an anathema in a Christian state and must therefore be frowned upon and the police must not attempt to cover up the event.

We are watching.

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