Ritual killings worry Councillor


 DO not take the law in your own hands whenever misfortune breaks out, says Matero’s Kapwepwe Ward 25 Councillor, Patrick Mwamba Salubusa.

Mr Salubusa’s comment comes amid reports that residents in Lusaka’s George compound vented their anger at a property belonging to a suspect ritual killer picked up by police.

Mr Salubusa however expressed gratitude for the active participation of the residents and the police in ensuring that culprits were brought to book.

In an interview with the Daily Nation at the weekend, Mr Salubusa said residents were furious after they found the suspect washing some blood off his hands. Mr Salubusa said he had a tough time to convince the angry residents not to take the law in their own hands.

He applauded residents of Kapwepwe Ward for attending a meeting at Twalumba Primary School as it attracted excellent submissions related to crime and garbage collection.

“As area councillor, I am humbled by the active participation of the residents and the police in making sure that culprits are brought to book but let me quickly appeal to all the residents not to engage themselves in burning down property as an expression of their anger as that is not only illegal but also burning down evidence,” he said.

He said he addressed residents on how the Know Your Neighbour (KYN) Project could respond to the ritual killings even before the commencement of the construction of the Kapwepwe Crime and Garbage Prevention Centre in the area.  The discovery of a man’s body with some missing parts in the compound angered the residents who vented their anger on property belonging to the suspect.

Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo said after police officers searched the man’s one-roomed structure, they found two pairs of trousers and a pair of blood-stained shoes and some suspected human tissue.


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