By Chintu Malambo

TRIAL involving slain businessman, Reeves Malambo failed to take off in the Lusaka High Court on Monday, as the defence team was not ready for commencement of trial.

In this matter, Tshiabu Benos 37, of Ibex Hill, is accused of murdering Mr Malambo, 48 between January 29 and 30 this year.

When the matter came up to begin trial before High Court Judge Gertrude Chawatama, the prosecution team told the court that they were ready to begin trial.

But the defence through senior legal counsel Humphrey Mweemba told the court that they were not ready to begin trial and that their reasons for not being ready were too embarrassing to be mentioned in court.

“We are aware of the state’s position to begin trial.  However, as defence we are not ready to proceed today for reasons we would be ashamed to mention because of the nature in this court,” Mr Mweemba said.

Mr Mweemba asked for an adjournment to Thursday, 24th September 2027. Justice Chawatama however, did not rule that trial would commence on the said date, there not being any objections from the prosecution team. Mr Malambo, who was also proprietor of Auto Force, was allegedly stabbed to death on the upper part of his body by his girlfriend Benos, after a fight at her home in Ibex Hill.

Benos is in custody.

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