By Oliver Samboko

SIAVONGA District Commissioner, Lovemore Kanyama is in trouble after he reportedly caused a stir at the Southern Province Provincial Administration Offices last Wednesday in Choma.

Mr Kanyama is reported to have tried to lock up and turn away civil servants at Choma’s povincial administration office on Wednesday morning for allegedly reporting late for work.

When contacted on the incident, Mr Kanyama expressed ignorance.  “Who is saying that? There’ s nothing like that. Chasing civil servants from what?” he asked

But Southern Province Permanent Secretary Sibanze Simuchoba confirmed that Mr Kanyama confronted some civil servants at the provincial offices and disclosed that disciplinary proceedings had commenced against the Siavonga DC.

“I can confirm that I have instituted disciplinary proceedings against the erstwhile DC for Siavonga. The due process is in motion and you may get to know of the outcome when the proceedings are concluded. Commenting further would prejudice the process,” Mr  Simuchoba told the Daily Nation.

After causing confusions at the Provincial Offices, the Siavonga DC is reported to have told a local Radio Station that he has noticed with regret that civil servants at Choma’s Provincial Office have developed a tendency of reporting late for work.

Mr Kanyama is said to have also said that he has observed that every time he is in Choma, civil servants report for work as late as 08:15 hours.

He said it is discouraging to find that most offices at the Provincial Office in Choma are empty at reporting times of between 07:30 hours and 07:56 hours.

He said that the poor work culture being exhibited by some of the officers must immediately change. Mr Kanyama claimed that his plan to lock out latecomers was supported by a few officers who had managed to arrive for work early.

He added that despite Choma not being his area of operation, he promotes a good work culture everywhere he goes.

Mr Kanyama said that he took the move not as DC but as an ordinary citizen to stop some civil servants in the habit of reporting late for duties from denting Government’s image.


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