By Muyani Shinjabale

IT is very saddening to see public officers and corporate bodies using offshore accounts to avoid paying tax in the country.

National Revolution Party spokesperson Dr Cosmo Mumba said paying taxes is what takes the nation forward and avoiding paying tax only defines how little some people value their country.

Dr Mumba said it is okay to have accounts in other countries for business purposes and not for the purpose of shying away from paying taxes.

He stated that Zambia is a country that is governed by the constitution and as such should have people who abide by the law and not use loop holes to run away from paying taxes.

“Money from taxes helps to boost the national treasury in order to settle a number of issues in the country,” Dr Mumba stated.

He said the money would be invested in technology, education, to sponsor major health programs and many others to allow the country to achieve economic development.

Dr Mumba advised those avoiding to pay tax to stop and work towards promoting the growth of their country instead of opening and using offshore accounts to satisfy their selfish interests.

He further advised the nation’s intelligence wing which involve the police to investigate those who have offshore accounts with the sole purpose of avoiding to pay tax to be brought to book.

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