MTN sales agent stage managed kidnap

By Bennie Mundando

POLICE in Kalomo have arrested an MTN sales agent for giving false information after he claimed that he was abducted by some unidentified people who were reportedly demanding a ransom of K20, 000 from his family for his release.

 It has now been revealed that Beaton Chiyakayaka, 24 lied about his abduction after he incurred a shortage from talk time sales to elude punishment from his bosses.

Chiyakayaka, of Bwacha compound in Kalomo was arrested on Thursday around midnight in Zimba at a friend’s house where he went after reportedly being released by his abductors who had dumped him in Livingstone before a “Good Samaritan” picked him and gave him transport money to go back to Kalomo.

Southern Province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso confirmed the development to the Daily Nation yesterday.  He said Mr. Chiyakayaka was charged for giving false information to a public officer and would appear in court soon.

“Just like I indicated earlier we were investigating the matter as we suspected that it could not have been an abduction but a trick, it has come out that he was not abducted.

“He had a shortage with money for MTN and wanted to create that fake story and now we have arrested him and charged him for giving false information to a public officer. He will appear in court,” Mr. Kapeso said.

And sources within the police said after Mr. Chiyakayaka arrived at his friend’s place in Zimba, he told him that he had been dumped in Livingstone by his alleged assailants after robbing him of an undisclosed amount of money he had collected from talk time sales.

“He told his friend that he was only given K100 by a well-wisher in Livingstone to travel back to Kalomo but that since it was late in the night, the driver could not go beyond Zimba and decided to sleep there and not proceed to Kalomo.

“Sensing danger, his friend took him to Zimba police to make a report and when our office was notified, our officers picked his father and uncle and went to Zimba to pick him and get first-hand information on what had transpired,” the source said.

The source explained that due to inconsistency in the information Mr. Chiyakayaka was giving them, they locked him upon arrival back at Kalomo police station.

“The information we had and the latest information he was giving the officers handling the case did not tally and this made them suspicious. They decided to search him and found that he actually had about K1, 000 in one pocket and K80 in another yet he had initially lied that all the money was stolen from him and that is how they locked him up,” the source said.

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