By Kanyanta E.Kaunda

This week I take an unusual fascination at some of the most compelling natural phenomena and geographical mysteries from around the world.

The  world is full of various natural unexplained occurrences and features that simply baffle human logic; from the Bermuda triangle in the Bahamas to the Nasca lines of Peru  to our very own alleged bottomless pit/abyss at Manenekela in Chipata.

These fascinating sites make us question our logic and   the existence of supernatural, extra terrestrial and higher powers. Weather fact or fiction, Scientific or spiritual below are but a few natural wonders and mysteries from around the world compiled with the help of  various online sources.

The Taos/ Windsor hum

Ever heard a low humming or buzzing sound in your ear that only you can hear? Well this is known as the tinnitus hum or Tao hum and is a  phenomenon recorded all over the world. Reports suggest that the sound seems to emanate from an unknown source but re sounds perfectly from within the ears as though coming  from inside the head.

Despite numerous reports there is no scientific explanation or evidence to back these claims. Witnesses often  describe the experience as uncomfortable and unearthly causing great levels of anxiety and discomfort; so much so that a 2016 report re residents of a small Canadian town ,nearly fled due to the distressed caused by the mysterious sound.

Incidents have been reported since time immemorial , with no logical explanation for the sound to this day.

The giant holes of Siberia

Numerous holes, found in Yamal, northern Russia, have intrigued scientists across the world. Upon being noticed, the giant holes inspired several theories such as that they were caused by aliens or stray missiles. Since they were first observed in 2014, they have since rapidly altered leaving one of the craters filled with water. The most notable hole is the B-1 which has been filling up with water in the last two years and which scientists believe will lead to the formation of a lake. The formation of the craters has been attributed to the eruption of pingos after filling with gas.

The deadly black fog (of London)

   In December 1952, a mysterious dark fog blanketed London and led to the death of as many as 12,000 people. The fog contained pollutants which triggered breathing problems for the city’s inhabitants.

The phenomenon puzzled researchers for decades until recently when an international team of scientists probed into the mystery.

The fog was shown to have contained the elements sulfate and sulfuric acid. Coal-burning was the major contributor of the mist. Similar chemistry has been observed in China, and around many other parts of the world. The fog in London facilitated the introduction of the Clean Air Act in 1956 which sought to reduce air pollution.

The secret of the Ayers rock

In the heart of the Australian outback lies an odd beauty, a megalith; the Ayers rock. Standing at more than 200meters  tall this ancient red rock mountain stands firmly against the orange earth of the region. It was once a tourist favorite and but thanks to efforts by conservationists and the  indigenous aborigines the site is now forbidden and guarded. The great rock is bright red but changes color throughout the  day and is said to posses many caverns and caves that are only accessible to the indigenous aboriginal who consider it Sacred. Some believe the caves conceal secret treasures and mysteries only the Aboriginals know, Others speculate it’s caves are magical and guarded by supernatural alien creatures that threaten death and doom to vain  wanderers.

The great pyramid of China

 The mention of pyramids usually bring thought of Egypt the land of the pharaohs, but very few are aware of the existence of pyramids in China which is speculated to be home of the largest concealed pyramid in the world measuring far much larger than those in Egypt. located about 40 miles southwest of Xian, is the largest of sixteen pyramids located in the area designated as a Shensi, or a “no-go area”, a forbidden zone by the Communist authorities. These restrictions make it extremely difficult for Westerners to visit the pyramid and take photograph of it. Nevertheless, some people from West have actually managed to find a way to view this impressive structure. It is unknown when exactly the Great Pyramid of China was raised. According to some Chinese archaeologists the pyramid was built during the Hsia Dynasty from 2205 to 1767 B.C. but remains concealed from the general public for unknown reasons. The structure was said to measure 1,000 feet in height which made it the highest pyramid in the world (the Great Pyramid of Egypt is 450 feet in height).

The giant rock circles of Costa Rica.

   Back in the 1940s, workmen clearing dense jungle of Costa Rica for a United Fruit Company banana plantation were amazed to find dozens of large stone ball-shaped objects, many of them perfectly spherical.

They varied in size from as small as a tennis ball up to an astonishing 8 feet in diameter and weighing 16 tons. Almost all of them are made of granodiorite, a hard, igneous stone not local to the region.

The probability is that they were man-made but, if so, how did primitive people with crude tools manage to sculpt huge artifacts like these with such great precision, and why ? The giant stone balls of Costa Rica remain a mystery to this day.

  Ball Lighting

Lightning typically presents itself in a uniform fashion; a spectacular bright white or yellow bolt that strikes in a linear fashion, this norm is tested however by the occurrence of a stranger form of energy known as ball lightning.  Ball lightning is a strange natural phenomenon that science has yet to fully explain. The fact that it is reported so rarely makes it almost impossible to study.

 It is often   red, orange, or yellow in color, though occasionally blue or white, with the approximate brightness of a domestic light bulb. Sometimes it has a halo, emits sparks or rays, and can last for anything up to several minutes before disappearing either in an explosion or gradually fading away.

Odors resembling ozone, burning sulfur, or nitrogen oxide have been reported, occasionally with the presence of a faint mist or residue. What makes ball lighting so puzzling however is its strange ‘behavior’.  Witnesses have said that it moves about as if with a kind of intelligence, following patterns on walls or furniture, and seeming to avoid obstacles. More mysterious still is its ability to pass through solid objects. Sometimes it leaves holes, but it has also been seen to pass through window glass and even walls without even leaving a mark.


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