A 21-YEAR-OLD woman shocked the Court in Lusaka when she said that her mother in-law told her to bath so that the chief can propose love to her when they went for business in the village.

Memory Mumba of Chaisa compound was testifying in the case in which her husband, Victor Mumba, 25, a businessman of Chipata Overspill sued her for divorce.

However, Memory said that she still loves her husband, Mumba.

The two got married in 2014 and they have one child. Dowry was paid.

Mumba told Senior Court Magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Magistrate Miyanda Banda at Matero Local Court that problems started in 2016 when Memory started drinking beer because she went to drink in different bars in the community.

He explained that later there was a man whom Memory saved on her phone as ‘brother’ who was phoning her.

Mumba added that he took Memory to her parents so that they resolve the matter but when he was at work she got property with her relatives.

Mumba further said that the relatives of Memory were insulting him whenever they wanted to resolve the matter, and that the same boyfriend of Memory phoned her again.

“When she found me in my bar with a woman sited near me, she started fighting and later she also went to drink with a man and asked me how I also felt,’’said Mumba.

Mumba said that the mother of Memory even undressed but he ran away to avoid to seeing her nakedness.

In defence, Memory said that problems started this year in June when she went for business in the village in Eastern Province with Mumba’s mother because she told her that she should bath so that the chief proposes love to her.

She explained that later Mumba’s mother gave her number to a certain man in the village who started calling her.

Memory added that Mumba’s mother left her in the village and came to inform Mumba that she is a prostitute.

Memory further said that Mumba’s mother has a tendency of encouraging in-laws to commit adultery so that they are divorced.

Magistrate Newa said that there is lack of communication, counter accusations and lack of trust.

She granted the couple divorce without compensation but Mumba was ordered to be paying child maintenance fee of K250 per month and property acquired together to be shared equally.

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