By Kalobe Bwalya

I HAVE come back to the Patriotic Front because it’s my home and I pledge total support to President Edgar Lungu and the entire party, says former Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa.

Mr Sampa said he stayed in the political wilderness for quite some time, and has since decided to support and contribute to the growth of the party.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr Sampa said it was unacceptable that some people claimed to love the late President Sata, while they have failed to pledge loyalty to the current leadership.

Mr Sampa appealed to all those who have joined the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) to come back to PF were they belonged and serve President Edgar Lungu in the manner they served the late President Micheal Sata.

He said it was futile to fight the PF now and those who face frustrations should know that there are better solved within the party because there were more frustrations outside PF.

Mr Sampa said he has leant a lot of lessons during his stay in the wilderness in the last few years, and affirmed that total discipline and patience in politics was cardinal all the time.

“When I look back and unveil the information, it’s undisputable that President Sata loved President Lungu and he was one of his right hand people whom he was comfortable with. This is why he became the President,” said Mr Sampa.

Speaking when he rejoined the PF                                                                        yesterday in Lusaka, Mr Sampa pledged 100 percent loyalty to President Lungu and the party.

Mr Sampa observed that there were more frustrations outside the party and those who have left the party should learn from his experience.

Mr Sampa requested that the PF secretary General Davies Mwila allow lower structures to accept those who had left the party to rejoin.

He said there will never be Micheal Chilufya Sata outside PF, therefore all those claiming to be representing him were ‘fake’ replica, apart from President Edgar Lungu who is mandated.

“I want to thank the entire leadership of the party for their counsel and friendship during the time I had to reflect. I am happy that I went through this process I believe I will be reliable and a better member hence forth.

“I have learnt a lot of things the time I was in the wilderness and this has taught me two lessons in politics to always have 100 percent royalty to the President and all his appointees, patience and total discipline are cardinal all the time,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwila said the party has welcomed Mr Sampa and was free to take party in any party activity like in any party elections therefore remain disciplined and pay royalty.

Mr Mwila called on all the members that had left the party to come back and support the policies.

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