Man who exchanged food stuffs from home with beer reconciles with wife


A 29-year-old woman narrated before a Local Court in Lusaka that her husband drinks beer excessively and that he was getting food stuffs from home which the exchanged for elicit beer.

This is in a case in which Bertha Tembo of Kabanana compound sued her husband, John Tembo, 35, for divorce.

However, Tembo said that he still loves his wife, Bertha.

The two got married in 2007 and they have three children. Dowry was paid.

Bertha told Senior Court Magistrates Pauline Newa and Miyanda Banda at Matero Local Court  that she never had peace since she got married because Tembo drinks beer excessively and that when drunk he chases the children.

She explained that Tembo gets food stuffs and exchanged it with illicit beer (Kachasu) thereby finishing household rations in the middle of the month.

Bertha added that at one time Tembo removed the iron sheets from the house they are building and went to exchange it with illicit beer.

Bertha further said that on September 28, 2017 Tembo got very drunk and insulted her and beat her, adding that at night after he woke up he beat his 10- year-old child with a stone.

“Tembo stripped me in public and he was detained for two days at police but when he was released he said that I will see what I hear on news that a man has killed his wife. I want divorce because we have sat several times and went to victim Support Unit but no change,’’ said Bertha. Asked by the court if they make love, Bertha said that they don’t make love for two years because beer has made Tembo to be sexually inactive. In defence, Tembo said that they stay well because he gives Bertha money and is building a house for her, adding that he won’t repeat exchanging food stuffs with illicit beer.

He explained that Bertha moves a lot as if he doesn’t give her money for food.

He admitted beating his 10-year-old child saying that because the child was defending Bertha whenever they had a quarrel.

Tembo admitted removing iron sheets from the house to exchange with beer but said that he replaced them.

In submission, Bertha maintained that she wanted a divorce but  the court advised and  gave the couple time to talk outside  for a possible reconciliation.

When they were called Bertha said that she would give Tembo a second chance.

The court said that there was lack of communication and that Tembo should reduce beer drinking and stop stealing food.

The court advised Tembo to go to hospital for treatment to ensure he was sexually active.

The court also advised Bertha to teach children to respect Tembo. The couple were reconciled.

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