By Frank Nyambe

A LOCAL court in Lusaka heard how a man refused to reconcile with his wife after a prophet allegedly told her that he is a Satanist and that he wanted to sacrifice his children.

This was heard in Matero Local Court in a case in which Branley Munkombwe, 32, of Chunga compound was sued by his wife, Agatha Munkombwe, 25, for reconciliation.

The two got married in 2008 and they have three children. Dowry was paid. Agatha told Senior Court Magistrate Pauline Newa sitting with Magistrate Miyanda Banda at Matero Local Court that problems started when Munkombwe started having money because he went into extra marital affairs and stopped supporting the family financially.

She explained that he later started denying her conjugal rights, saying he no longer loved her and that he was married to another woman.

Agatha added that both family tried to sit them down to resolve the matter but to no avail. In defence, Munkombwe said that he could not reconcile with Agatha until she presented the prophet who told her that he was a Satanist and that he wanted to sacrifice children because he had brought confusion in the house.

He explained that Agatha was lazy and she refused to help him at the farm after losing his job and that he decided to marry another woman.

Munkombwe added that in his tradition a woman was supposed to plant the seeds and that his job was to cultivate.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Newa ruled a failed reconciliation on the basis that Munkombwe refused to reconcile.

By Frank Nyambe

A 36-YEAR-OLD woman narrated before a Local Court in Lusaka that her husband was giving her K5 to buy lunch and supper even after he got paid.

Rachael Moonje of Kanyama compound was testifying in a case in which her husband, Kebby Mweemba, 42, sued her for divorce.

However, Moonje said that she still love her husband, Mweemba.

The two got married in 2007 and they have five children. Dowry was paid.

Mweemba told Senior Court Magistrate Abbyshine Michelo sitting with Magistrates Mubukwanu Matakala and Esther Mulomba at Kanyama Local Court that Moonje did not want to be controlled and that they went to the village on three occasions to resolve the matter but to no avail.

He explained that last year in July, Moonje slept on the floor for seven months and denied him conjugal rights on the pretext that she was sick.

Mweemba added that in January 2017, he sold household goods to use money for farming and that he gave Moonje a share of the money but she took him to Victim Support Unit claiming she did not get a share.

In defence, Moonje said that problems started when the relatives of Mweemba started interfering in marriage because they got his children and he demanded that she takes her children from her previous marriage to their father.

She explained that Mweemba started selling household goods without her consent and cheated her that he sold them cheap, thereby giving her a small share.

“Mweemba started leaving K5 home to buy lunch and supper even after he got paid. I do everything for him but I don’t know why he is not caring for me because he did not bother to tell me how many bags he got after harvesting the maize,’’ said Moonje.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Michelo said that there were problems because Mweemba sold household goods without the consent of Moonje and he wondered how he could leave a K5 for Moonje to make a budget for lunch and supper. He said there was no genuine reason for divorce.

He granted the couple divorce ordering Mweemba to compensate Moonje K7000 with initial payment of K1000 followed by monthly instalments of K500 and to be paying children maintenance fee of K600 per month. Property acquired together would be shared equally.

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