By Terence Miselo

Hip hop artistes and blood brothers Macky2 and Chef187 proved they are on top of the music game in the country after commanding a huge turnout last Saturday at East Point Pub in Lusaka.

This was at the show dubbed ‘Brothers of Music Destruction’ where the two were courted to perform under one roof. The show was mainly brought out to give a chance to hip hop music that has almost taken over Zambian music.

Although the two performed separately, the crowd and support was all equally shared to show they are really favorites to many fans and followers. Chef 187 performed earlier than Macky2 after several support acts.

The Amnesia singer, who is seemingly a not outspoken person compared to his elder brother, rocked the stage unleashing most of his popular jams.

The massively packed audience sang along to especially songs like ‘Mundowe ndowe’, ‘House Party mu ka 1 room,’ ‘Foolish Me ‘ to mention only a few. This gave him more confidence to even incorporate some free flows all to the liking of the audience.

After his act, the mood was even further hyped when Macky2 stormed the stage. As usual, the controversial rapper turned the place into an ecstatic atmosphere spitting out flows from many of his well-known songs.

He made the audience dance and sing along to especially songs like ‘Mama Rebecca,’ ‘No more love’, ‘Favor’ and many others. He took the performance far way into Sunday morning causing lots of music damage to the venue.

This was one of the most attended show at East Point in recent months proving that Chef and Macky2 are really enjoying their ‘five minutes’ of fame.

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