By Annie Zulu in Lundazi

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has warned that he would disown lazy Members of Parliament and Ministers in 2021.

President Lungu said he was disappointed that some MPs and Ministers were not working in their Constituencies.

President Lungu observed that most of them chose to be in Lusaka and not with the people who voted for them.

He said it was unfortunate that the constitution does not allow him to get rid of people in certain positions.

The President was speaking when he visited marketeers at Lundazi market in Lundazi yesterday. “Unfortunately in Zambia when you choose leaders such as an MP they are there for five years, but if I had a chance or a system where these people could be accountable daily, I could have fired them. Several MPs and Ministers are not working,” he said.

And President Lungu said he was also disappointed that no progress had been made on the reconstruction of the Lundazi market since it got burnt last year.

He said his Government’s desire was to ensure that every part of the country deserved to benefit from the national cake.

He instructed Eastern Province Minister Makebi Zulu to ensure that the construction of the market is expedited.

“As Minister for Eastern Province am the one who appointed you, in Malambo Constituency they chose you. Therefore this job you are doing it for me and the-se people, so help them.

“Source for funds and ensure that this challenge of the market is addressed as soon as possible, we want the people of Lundazi to benefit  too,” he said.

He also directed Mr Zulu to ensure that all MPs in Eastern Province perform to their constituents’ expectations.

“Seat all the MPs down and ask them what they are doing, they are under you. Let them tell you what they are doing in their constituencies,“ he said.

Earlier President Lungu addressed Lumezi Mission Hospital staff shortly after he commissioned a male and female surgical ward.

He said Government would only respond to the outcries of the citizenry with the ‘Boma iyanganepo’ (Government overdependence) culture at its opportune time.

He however, assured those that take the initiative to help themselves before seeking the Government’s support that the State would be prompted to lighten their burden by coming on board.

President Lungu made the ‘Boma iyanganepo’ remarks upon learning that Lumezi Mission Hospital took the initiative to construct a nursing school but that works had stalled owing to lack of funds.

“Because self help is the basis for survival, it’s not in the scripture but I have been told that God helps those who help themselves, but I think everyone wants to survive.

” So those of you in Lumezi who want to survive, we will help you survive, those who think Government izayanganapo you don’t start something, Government izayanganapo but in Government’s own time,” he said. He noted that even God responded to the people’s outcries, but at His own time and the same was the case with the Government.

The President however, said if the people took the first step, Government would feel challenged and render assistance.

He assured the Catholic Church which runs the hospital, that they were not alone.

He also promised that he would engage the Ministry of Health to ensure that construction of the nursing school was completed next year as planned.

President Lungu further pledged to ensure that the health personnel at the institution engaged temporarily were put on the payroll and that an establishment was created.

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