KCM, union status report awaited


GOVERNMENT through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security is still waiting for a report on the collective agreement between Konkola Copper Mines and the unions on whether or not a consensus to outsource mine workers will be reached, says Government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga.

Ms Kampamba said following a joint press briefing with Minister of Labour and Social Security Joyce Nonde Simukoko on the issue of outsourcing mines workers by KCM, the State was awaiting the outcome of the talks.

She said Government did not negotiate on behalf of employees as that was the reason unions existed and that the State would only step in if the two reached a dispute which should be communicated to Ms Simukoko as the minister responsible in a comprehensive report detailing concerns and grievances.

Ms Kampamba who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting said in a situation where a dispute was reached, the two parties would then be summoned.

In an interview yesterday, the minister said Ms Simukoko would thereafter inform the nation of what the next course of action would be.

Government will only step in if the two parties have reached a dispute which has to be communicated to the minister in a report highlighting concerns and issues,” Ms Kampamba said.

Ms Kampamba said all correspondence on the matter would have to go through Ms Simukoko as the minister responsible.

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