UNITED Party for National Development-UPND- Leader, Hakainde Hichilema, has been counselled to vie for the position of Councilor in one of his strongholds so that he appreciates issues of civic governance.

This follows the persistent row credited to the opposition leader in which he is said to be politicizing the deadly cholera outbreak.

‘If he has no plan for Zambia, let him go to Dundumwezi District and apply to stand as a councillor so that he understands how governance systems work.

‘The problem is that the man thrives on hallucination, charged PF National Women’s Chairperson, Jean Kapata in an interview with the Daily Nation in Ndola.

Ms. Kapata who is also Lands and Natural Resources Minister added: ’Mr. Hichilema’s utterances on how government is managing cholera outbreak in the country exposes his illiteracy on how the system operates’.

She warned the UPND boss and his colleagues to desist from politicizing the cholera outbreak which has seen many Zambians unite in ensuring that it be eradicated through clean-up exercises.

“I wish to warn Hakainde Hichilema to stop politicizing the issue of cholera. It is a serious disease and more than 60 people have since died meaning these families are mourning their lost loved ones.

‘Today UPND cannot accuse us of not attaching political will to ensure that the disease is contained and lives are saved.

‘President Lungu has been on the ground on the streets and visiting those that have been affected, said Ms. Kapata.

She also spoke highly of government’s initiative of containing the water borne disease, through joint efforts in sensitization campaigns and clean-up exercise.

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