Kambwili went too far

CHISHIMBA Kambwili went too far in his attacks on Patriotic Front (PF) deputy general secretary Mumbi Phiri. Even by his standards, which we assume are not high.

He did go below the belt when he unleashed his attack on Ms Phiri.

The PF’s decision to expel Mr Kambwili from the party seems to have unhinged him and he has transformed into some unrecognisable being. Yes, the man has always been a motor mouth, but whereas before he was constrained to behave because of dictates of public office, he now seems to be a loose canon ready to unleash insults at anyone and anywhere.

This behaviour is however, at odds with the public office that he occupies as MP and definitely not something that should be expected from someone seeking to occupy the highest office in the land.

 How can he even consider that he would take over the reins of a civilized society with such conduct.

Is Zambia so short of candidates that the citizenry would fall for such a charlatan?

We think not.

A good leader listens and talks less. We have 168 members of Parliament and it would be nice to listen to some of them every so often whether inside the House or outside.

Some of them have been very quiet in Parliament not because they have nothing to say but because they prepare what they have to say.

When one is in public office, it is incumbent upon the individual to conform to basic decency in the manner that they interact with others.

Being an MP holding a public office and therefore subject to public scrutiny and criticism, and anyone occupying that office should be mindful of the importance of the office and the need to behave with decorum.

And it is in this context that we want to advise Mr Kambwili to behave like a civilised being towards others.

It is indeed sickening to bring private issues to the public just because one is upset and is in the “moment.” A leader must be calm, slow to anger or react but ready to listen.

This behaviour of threatening others when one is peeved does not befit an elected official.

How many times will Mr Kambwili apologise because of his loose mouth?

Not long ago, he was in the Southern Province apologising for having insulted the people of that region when he wielded power as Information and Broadcasting Minister. In his apology, he claimed that he was possessed, by an evil spirit, one would assume.

Now the question that people who have followed his daily rantings would ask, is whether the demons that possessed him are being exorcised from his soul? Or is he still under the influence of the same demons? Only he (Kambwili) can answer that.

We agree with those condemning him for letting his mouth control him.

In an apparent heat of the moment, Mr Kambwili let his mouth run loose and unleashed a barrage of attacks on Ms Mumbi in which he revealed that he donated tissues to her because she was too poor to afford them.

3rd Liberation Movement president Enock Tonga feels that Mr Kambwili’s remarks are a direct insult against women and his apology to Ms Phiri is just  a ploy to pull her leg and should not be taken seriously.

We are also wondering why Mr Kambwili seems to take delight in poking fun at the plight of poor people.

When one renders help, it should be from their hearts and not because they want to use that information to demean someone’s suffering at a later date.

If Mr Kambwili has never been poor, we want to remind him that it is okay to be poor. It is not a crime. But it should not be a source of joy. Only one with a twisted mind would enjoy and make fun of the poor.

One can be poor and work hard to improve their lot.

It would appear that those who have received help in any form from Mr Kambwili should be wary.

The man has no scruples and decency to respect the privacy of others, even his friends should be wary of his “gifts.”



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