Lusambo slapped and punched me

By Mukosela Kasalwe

ROAN Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili yesterday accused Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo of having slapped him in an altercation outside Parliament chambers.

Later in a Facebook post on his page, Mr Kambwili is lamentation, claiming that Mr Lusambo slapped and punched him.

“He then slapped and punched me in full view of my colleagues but being an experienced parliamentarian I controlled myself and walked away. To my surprise as I was walking away Jean Kapata came raging and poured a whole bottle of water on me.”

Mr Kambwili made the accusation in a point of order in Parliament when he asked the Speaker, Dr Patrick Matibini to rule on whether it was in order for the Kabushi Member of Parliament, Mr Lusambo to slap him and for Mandevu constituency MP, Jean Kapata to pour water on him.

Speaker Matibini warned that he will not allow the House to degenerate into a platform of “fists of fury.”

Dr Matibini said at the rate the House was going, there was a risk that it could be turned into a place of fists and fury as was seen in other Parliaments but warned that he would not sit idly by and watch the House degenerate into disorder.

Dr Matibini said yesterday, after a point of order was raised by Mr Kambwili who accused Mr Lusambo of having threatened to deal with him for his accusations against government before he unleashed two slaps on him.

Mr Kambwili told the Speaker that as he walked out of the House, he went outside of the Chambers and stood with Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba and Mongu Central Member of Parliament Mwilola Imakando.  Aas they were talking, Mr Lusambo came and threatened to deal with him for accusing Government.

The Roan MP said he kept quiet and did not respond to Mr Lusambo and that he was given two slaps.  Before he could retreat, the Mandevu MP came along and poured mineral water from a bottle on him and that among people who were present was MMD secretary-general Raphael Nakacinda.

“I stand on a very serious point of order, Mr Speaker, when I walked out, I went outside and stood with Honourable Kalaba and Honourable Imakando.  As we were talking, I was approached by Honourable Lusambo who told we are going to deal with you for your accusations against Government.

In his ruling, the Speaker said since the alleged incident happened outside the House, it would be investigated and facts established.

Ms Kapata rose on a point of order and asked the Speaker if it was right for Mr Kambwili to label her as corrupt each time he went on radio stations and accuse her of having stolen money from mukula trees.

Ms Kapata also threatened to report the Roan MP to Anti-Corruption Committee for an unspecified allegation. She explained that she had been in Parliament for 15 years and was therefore in a position to build a house legally.

The Speaker said the matter would be investigated.


  1. Sad that leaders can behave in this matter. If Jean Kapata believed she was innocent she could have approached Kambwili or sued him to prove allegations. I think there is too much hatred even among our leaders something is not right. Then Mr Lusambo is he a leader or something else. His behaviour just is amiss – Leaders just do not do that but I guess he feels he will be popular like this. In Kaunda era both of them would have been fired.

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