ROAN Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has been accused of abusing the Judiciary and consequently told to withdraw his court case challenging his expulsion from the PF.

Former UPND presidential spokesperson Edward Mumbi said Mr Kambwili was deliberately insisting on remaining a member of the PF while he has confirmed his candidacy in 2021 on the National Democratic Congress ticket.

Mr Mumbi told the Daily Nation in an interview that Mr Kambwili was merely fuelling violence in the political arena as it is a direct provocation on the PF and its members.

He said Mr Kambwili’s insistence on holding on to the Roan parliamentary seat under PF was causing the recent reported violence because he was clinging to a party that had rejected him.

He said it was sad that Mr Kambwili delighted in violence instead of simply resigning from the PF and withdrawing his court case challenging his expulsion from the ruling party.

“Zambians are not violent people but what Mr Kambwili is doing is very sad. It is clear that the PF does not want him and he is now causing a clash with his members, what kind of President enjoys violence?

“You can imagine one individual is causing so much confusion and violence in the country, he should just resign and organise his political party,” Mr Mumbi said.

Mr Mumbi said a by-election in Roan would not be the first to be held in Zambia and that could not be his reason for causing confusion and subsequently violence in the country.

Mr Mumbi said the Roan MP was holding on to the seat against the will of the people of the constituency and it was undemocratic for him to impose himself on the electorate.

He said the PF should take up the recent announcement by the NDC spokesperson of Mr Kambwili’s candidature in 2021 and challenge him (Mr Kambwili) in court.

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