By Bennie Mundando

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has shamed his critics who were praying for the failure of the Under-20 at this year’s AfCON junior championships by continuing to claim that he is a failed administrator, the Zambia Sports Fans Association (ZASPOFA) has charged.

Reacting to the Junior Chipolopolo’s qualification to the semi-finals of the Under 20 AfCON, ZASPOFA patron Peter Makembo said doomsayers who had failed to come to terms with the fact that there was a new FAZ executive capable of steering Zambian football to greater heights had been shamed.

He said there was a lot of hullabaloo from some FAZ councillors who were out to fight Kamanga even before the tournament started.

But now they had gone mute because the team had proved to have been well-prepared for the tournament.

“Honestly, is this how we want football to run? What type of councillors do we have at FAZ who see nothing good in Kamanga? Time for politics is long-gone and it is now time to work. FAZ has done very well so far,” Makembo said.

He said those who were living in denial that Kamanga was not FAZ president should not derail the positives that the new FAZ executive had scored ever since taking office.

Meanwhile Makembo implored Under 20 players to remain focused and not to be carried away by its scintillating form so far as complacency could make them tumble in the coming game against South Africa.

“We wanted the team to qualify to the World Cup and they have just done that and now we want the trophy to remain in Zambia and that will be determined by the game against South Africa on Wednesday,

“For the technical bench, this is time to psych the team. These are young boys who may be carried away by their achievement so far but we are still a long way to go. We want the trophy and that can only be achieved if they remain focused and disciplined,” he said.



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