June records trade deficit


ZAMBIA recorded a trade deficit of K335.2 million in June from K333.8 million recorded in May 2017, representing a 0.4 percent in the trade deficit, Central Statistics Office, director for census and statistics, John Kalumbi has said.
Mr. Kalumbi explained that this meant that the country had imported more in the month of June compared to May.
Speaking during the presentation of the monthly bulletin for the month of July he said, there had been a decrease of 1.8 percent in the total value of metal exports from about K4, 450 to K4, 40 million in June 2017.
He said the overall contribution of metals and their products to the exports earnings in June and May averaged 75.6 percent.
“Non traditional exports on the other hand have recorded an increase of 13.8 percent from K1, 300m in May to 1500 in June, the share of NTEs recorded an average of 24.4 percent in revenue earnings between June and May 2017,” he said.
He explained that the volume of copper exported marginally increased by 1.6 percent from about 82,406 metric tonnes recorded in May 2017 to 83,719 metric tonnes in May.
He said copper accounted for the largest proportion of traditional exports and that any change in the volume and value of the commodity had a direct performance on the traditional exports.
He said copper accounted for 81.5 percent of the exports while exports from the consumer goods raw materials and capital goods categories collectively accounted for 18.5 percent of the total exports in June in 2017.

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