By Terence Miselo

Music wunderkind Jae Cash known for ‘Akamutima’, his successful duet with Kekero took his music charms to Club Empire in 10 miles area off Lusaka Town for a special weekend gig.

The singer whose album ‘Giovani’ is doing fine on the local music scenes was dated to entertain the countryside dwellers and adventurous revelers who stormed the venue.

This event came as a usual promise of Club Empire Management’s policy to deliver entertainment to the outskirts of Lusaka. Despite the area being miles away from the city, it was not surprising to see many Lusaka residents at the venue, young, old and distinguished.

They were all there to offer support and admiration to young Jae Cash whose performance lasted for close to an hour. The singer, literally alone, took the revelers on his fresh musical journey which included the performance of songs he has done with other top artistes like Dalisoul, Chef and Drifta Trek to mention only a few.

It was songs like ‘Chovina Owina’ and ‘Akamutima wakwata’ that even made patrons demand for more. The lad was very skillful at his stage work and repeated the two popular songs without the audience being bothered.

He further took advantage to introduce some of his supporting acts including the artiste Ice Box from the ‘New Dance’ fame to complete the show.

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