…the lad taking sound to another level

By Terence Miselo

The art of Deejaying is slowly grabbing its popularity back after music performances took over the entertainment industry in Zambia some years back. Now, the days of DJs hosting gigs and having stand-alone shows without artistes performing have returned.

Over 10 years back, DJ Crews were more popular than music performers but now the trend seems to have returned. There are now a number of music and club DJs that are taking entertainment to another level. One such DJ is DJ Boogie.

Born Jimmy Chinyanta, Boogie is a Lusaka-based music spinner who is fast-becoming a force to reckon with. The lad started his Deejaying career in 2009 and has mastered his skills through events like Kitchen Parties, Weddings, Corporate events and many others.

In 2014, he was the 4th Runner up at the Savanna DJ Contest. He has since excelled in his skills building a music policy that incorporates House, Afro House, Afro Beats, Kwaito, Dance and hip hop to mention only a few.

His main influences in his career have been DJ Joe MFaime of Kenya, Zambia’s VJ Shooter and DJ Jazzy Jeff of USA. Some of the memorable events he has featured at include Zone Six Handball Games, Bangladesh Republic Independence Party, Arma Guard Security End of Year Party and United Nations 70th Anniversary to mention only a few. He is now looking ahead to perfect his art take sound to another level.

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