…Report your  claims to ACC if  you are truthfulBy AARON CHIYANZO


HAKAINDE Hichilema like any other citizen with proof of corruption, must submit that evidence to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), says a former top UPND official.

Dr Canisius Banda, who is former UPND vice president for politics has challenged those with evidence of corruption to report to the ACC.

Mr Hichilema is allegedto have said  that President Edgar Lungu’s theft was not new, because he had been stealing from people since he was a lawyer.

President Lungu however responded that he would no longer respond to “foul-mouthed” politicians accusing him of corruption.

But Mr Hichilema insisted that the President could not respond because he was guilty and that the former ministers’ claims of corruption were true.

Dr Banda noted that many with such claims have been challenged to provide evidence, but none had since come forward.

Dr Banda also challenged the UPND leader that like any other citizen with proof of corruption, he should submit that evidence to the ACC.

“Instead of fighting one another, let us all fight corruption. Mr Hichilema, like any other citizen with evidence should do is to submit that evidence to the Anti-Corruption Commission,” he said.

Dr Banda insisted that all citizenry should join the struggle against corruption instead of fighting one another.

He questioned why it should be a story when Mr Hichilema, former ministers Harry Kalaba or Chishimba Kambwili talk against corruption and not when President Lungu acted against it.

Dr Banda reiterated that all should strengthen, encourage and help the Head of State to fight and put the scourge to an end.

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