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“You are not an accident and there’s no better time to excel than now, learn from the past but don’t let your past chart your success. You’re Unique, your life is distinct,” sings Davies Kasempa on his new and second gospel album, ‘ Unique’.

Also living his life as a businessman, Davies has a New Year message for all his fans and followers as they end the year 2017. He says his new album comes at the right time people are making a fresh start and emphasises the need for everyone to thank God for their uniqueness.

“Thanksgiving literally puts you on a platform of  appreciation. What you don’t appreciate doesn’t increase in value. My Second album, “Unique” is addressing the importance and uniqueness of a human being,” he says in explaining the new project which is available in Sounds Outlets and Mwasuwila Book store.

“ You are meant to be an icon of your world.There’s no one like you. You’re special, God and you are the majority.”

His messages come with the belief that music must not only be entertainment but provide messages of hope, healing and Thanksgiving. “I personally do Gospel because it’s the highest office both in heaven and earth. Gospel means good news which simply derives from God’s word, and man ideally is a product of God’s word according to 1 Peter 1:23. Therefore, singing Gospel is simply an address of my own kind… God’s word is eternal and undiluted,therefore we are rest assured of the fixed and unwavering message in gospel music,” he insists.

As an artiste Davies is coming from a background of two albums now to his name. His project, ‘Thank You Daddy,’  was very successful and got him some accolades. He for example maintained the number one spot on Sounds Top 20 in 2010, owing to ‘Than you Daddy’ song.

“ So far,  my videos are one of the best shown on TV stations.’Unique’ was best video on Top Ten Diamond TV, “ he says to also emphasize on his current success.“ I urge people to stay unique this coming year.”


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