…as more are about to be fired


FAKE  teachers summoned to appear for  questioning over their forged certificates have deserted schools.

The teachers who were summoned to appear before the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) to exculpate themselves for having forged their certificates have deserted their schools for fear of being prosecuted.

In September this year, the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) disclosed that out of 100, 000 verified certificates for Teacher Registration, 501 certificates were forged and the number has since risen to over 700. 

Making the glaring revelation, TSC chairperson Stanley Mhango said as per procedure, all teachers alleged to have forged their qualifications are supposed to appear before the commission to exculpate themselves before punitive measures are taken against them but some of them fled their stations.

“So far, we have dismissed 100 teachers and we will dispose-of the other 200 files we received from the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ).

We received over 200 teacher’s files from the Teaching Council of Zambia for scrutiny and out of the 200, we processed 100 files and found the owners wanting,

“However, some of the teachers that were summoned have not exculpated themselves because they ran away and deserted their schools for fear of being prosecuted,” Mr Mhango said.

He explained that the teachers were fired in line with the provision of the Teaching Council of Zambia Act of 2013 which states that the penalty for teachers with forged qualifications is summary dismissal.

Mr Mhango said the Commission will not protect teachers involved in any professional misconduct and all those found wanting will face the full wrath of the law.

He said the scrutiny process was ongoing and that more teachers with fake certificates will not be spared because the commission was duty-bound to protect learners from unqualified teachers.

He said the dismissal of 100 teachers was a wakeup call to others who want to get employed through dubious means saying people should go to school to obtain genuine qualifications.

Recently, the TCZ revealed that the number of teachers with forged certificates had increased from 498 to 743 and that the commission would determine the fate of all teachers found guilty of the offence.

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