By Bennie Mundando

GOVERNMENT must investigate reports suggesting that a row has erupted over the employment of some Senegalese at Gemcanton Investments Holdings Limited to work as guards and other auxiliary jobs which could be done by Zambians, the Youth in Action for Sustainable Development (YASD) has demanded.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, YASD programmes manager Zebedy Lukwesa implored Government to take such reports seriously if it was to preserve job opportunities meant for the locals.

“When investors come, we expect them to leave money in this country but we now have a situation where some foreign companies bring their nationals to do the jobs which Zambians can do thereby eternalising  everything to their countries of origin. There is need for a thorough investigation into what is happening at Gemcanton,

He said there was no justification for any company to bring its people when Zambians could do the jobs such individuals were employed for. “Government is trying to create jobs for its citizens but how will that be attained if disgruntled businesses start going against such policies? Unemployment levels in this country are high and whoever is trying to frustrate such efforts must be dealt with severely,” warned Mr. Lukwesa.

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