By Terence Miselo

Rapper and actor Sam Sakala aka Dope G has released his new single for 2017 called ‘Not My Portion’.

Famous from his initial group Zone Fam that had the likes of Tim ‘Thugga’ Chisenga, J-Rox and Reggie Lube, Dope G is releasing this single after his first-ever solo album ‘Flowers’.

‘Not My Portion’ is produced by Shinko Beats for Red Castle and is bringing a slightly different Dope G.

It has some afro sounds and percussions that make Dope G sound more local with some street accent and flows. On this one, he is rapping by switching between English and vernacular. It is not very clear if the song is meant for Dope G’s next project but it is surely a must listen song to add up to more of his hard work noticed on the Flowers album.

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