Danny puts ‘Mo Fire’ at Amnesia


SEASONED local musician Danny Siulapwa aka Danny Kaya last Saturday proved he is still on top of live music performances when he treated his fans at Lusaka’s Club Amnesia to a long but entertaining and highly charged show.

Danny who led his Mo Fire Band that comprised backing vocalist and singer Naso, guitarist Rupert, a keyboard player and a dancer among others, was in high spirits as he stormed the stage to perform at the venue for the very first time.

This was particularly exciting to Club Amnesia’s regular patrons who are not usually used to seeing a complete band. With his over 10 years of music experience, Danny did not was all geared for the show which started as early as 20 hours but only saw Danny jump on stage at 23:00 hours.

Before him, Naso who looked like he was missing Titus, another backup singer for Danny but was not present at the show, opened the show with various cover performances to set the moon in motion.

The band was equal to the task and played to the satisfaction of the audience. By the time Danny was getting on stage, the mood had already been hyped. The revelers were joyous to see Danny who wasted no time but went straight ahead into his act. From the Danny Masiku Onse period to the Naina Manje era, Danny’s act was awesomely supported. It was even more interesting to see the singer simulate one of his songs, ‘Live’ to emphasise on the use of condoms for protection. With such creativity, the show moved into Sunday morning.

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