A MAN has been arrested in Kalumbila district for forging documents and obtaining money by false pretences.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police Auxensio Daka confirmed the incident which occurred yesterday and identified the suspect as Brian Kolala.

He said the matter was reported by Naresh Chavda of plot No 1077 Riverside Solwezi that his money amounting to K3,000 was falsely obtained by Kolala who is believed to be vice Chairman for Kalumbila constituency.

He said Kolala claimed to be an accountant for Kalumbila Town Council when in fact not.

He explained that in the second case, Josephine Mwanza the Council Secretary for Kalumbika Council also reported that the said Kolala uttered documents namely an invitation to apply for acquisition of land bearing Kalumbila Town Council logo when in fact not.

“This occurred between 22nd December last year to 9th  January this year,” he said.

He said the suspect had since been arrested and charged with the offence.

Meanwhile PF provincial chairperson Jackson Kungo has warned that he would not entertain lawlessness in the party.

He said the party would not defend any of its members involved in criminal activities.

He said any member of the party involved in criminal activities was denting the image of the party and that his office would not protect any law breakers.

He added that those involved in criminal activities were doing it for their personal gain.

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