…as duo get life ban for questioning executive

By Michael Miyoba

STRUGLING City of Lusaka Football Club has imposed a life ban on two club members for allegedly accusing the club’s executive committee led by club chairman, Justin Zulu of mismanaging football affairs at the club.

On Saturday last week the alleged City paid up members led by Mbuna Mwanza passed a vote of no confidence in the club’s executive committee because of their failure to safeguard City matters.

Speaking during a press briefing held yesterday in Lusaka, club chairman Justin Zulu said the group led by Mwanza is a sprinter group wishing to bring confusion at the club.

Zulu said Mwanza and his colleagues were banned from taking part in any football affairs at the club as they are power hungry and bent on bringing anarchy at the City.

Zulu said the club would not tolerate Mwanza and his colleagues as they are not paid up members.

He has challenged the sprinter group led by Mwanza to produce proof in form of identity cards and receipts of being paid up members of City of Lusaka.

“At City, we have our own ways of doing things and guided by our constitution. If any member abrogates our constitution, then harsh measures have to be implemented according to what our constitution outlines.

Therefore Mbuna Mwanza and his followers have been banned from taking part in football affairs at City of Lusaka. Moreover they are not even paid up members,” Zulu said.

“We are not going to tolerate them. Discipline is cardinal for any institution to progress. Let people respect the office bearers. Therefore Mwanza and his group have been banned effective today from taking part in any football activities at City of Lusaka,” Zulu said.

Meanwhile, Mwanza said the executive committee had no power to ban him as they were operating illegally after a vote of no-confidence was passed against them by the paid up members.

Mwanza insists that he is a paid up member.

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