Sport key to uplifting lives of youths

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By Michael Miyoba THE Rural Sports Foundation (RSF) says sport has the potential to uplift lives of youths in rural areas, hence the reason why RSF has reaffirmed its commitment to inspire youths in rural areas through sports. Speaking in an interview with Daily Nation Sports in Lusaka, Rural Sports Foundation executive

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Have you been to school? Dora asks GBM Dear Editor, I refer Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya’s comments on Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) as a frustrated soul who is trying to heal from the defeat the UPND suffered at the hands of the PF in the 2016 general elections by resorting to slandering

Lusaka mayor explains flooding in the city

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  By KALOBWE BWALYA THE perennial floods that Lusaka city has been experiencing over the years have been exacerbated by either poorly maintained drainage infrastructure or none existent of the facility especially in places that started as informal settlements, says Lusaka mayor Wilson Kalumba has charged. Mr Kalumba said the floods had

Livingstone’s  Libuyu residents  cry for flushing toilets

  By ANNIE ZULU RESIDENTS of one of Livingstone’s oldest townships Libuyu have continued to use pit latrines which are               causing serious health risks, especially during the rainy season. And the Southern Water and Sewerage Company (SWASCO) has stated that its project to build toilets in the area has stalled due to lack

Mosho hunts for 139 missing Post vehicles

  By OSCAR MALIPENGA POST Newspapers provisional liquidator Lewis Mosho has threatened to report anyone keeping vehicles belonging to the liquidated Post Newspaper to the Zambia Police Service and the Drug Enforcement Commission for theft of motor vehicles if 139 missing vehicles are not surrendered to him within three days. According to


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Political debates must be civil Dear Editor, I am always taken aback by the very rumbustious language that politicians use in their dialogue. It is as though civil language does not exist in their vocabulary. Listen to HH speak, he comes out as a very bitter person who believes he won the last

Ban on night driving costs business

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  By MAILIESI BANDA THE public hearings on the night ban travel had their first sitting in Lusaka yesterday with submissions being received from local transporters and other affected members. In making their submissions DHL managing director, Gavyn Symons flanked by the operations manager, Denis Arewo submitted that the ban be lifted

Condemned Chunga dump site meat back on sale

  By KALOBWE BWALYA   SOME unscrupulous people have continued scavenging the Chunga dump site, picking expired foodstuffs such as meat, chicken and sausage which they sell to unsuspecting Lusaka residents after cleaning them in the polluted Chingwere stream. Some youths and elderly women have continued scavenging at the dump site, picking expired

Ballad Zulu releases ‘Nyekese’

  By Terence Miselo Those from what people call old school will relate the name Ballad Zulu to that traditional classic hit ‘Cook On’ that eminently introduced him on the local music scene. Of course at that time, probably in the late 80s and early 90s, Ballad had already set a mark

CBU, TAZARA to collaborate over training

By SANDRA MACHIMA THE Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) and the Copperbelt University (CBU) intend to enter into business agreements for joint university programmes at the TAZARA Training School in Mpika. The training school currently has the capacity to accommodate at least 300 students, with plenty of scope for expansion. The joint programme would