Forget unrepentant HH

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Editor, Is it true that there should be no dialogue between HH and our president? What HH said in South Africa shows that the man is unrepentant and has stabbed all the Bishops whom went to plead for him, The same goes to Ms Scotland. Please ba Edgar Lungu don’t waste

Ba Kambwili twaleni ubu shilu uku tali

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Editor, Do we have prayerful pastors in Zambia? Kambwili needs prayers because he keeps attacking the President without any cause at all. How can a normal person condemn the president for being in Swaziland on invitation from King Mswati III? Is it an offence for the president to interact with his

Dishonest UPND members

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Editor, Members of UPND accused Mwanawasa that he stole Mazoka’s victory in 2001 today are praising him in their dishonesties that Mwanawasa was a very honest man. Can you see how dishonest UPND members are? Concerned citizen.

The wicked will be ashamed 

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Editor, As a Christian nation we should heed to Bible wise counsel that upright citizens are good for the country and make it prosper, but the talk of the wicked tears it apart. The negative talks being sprayed both locally and abroad by the wicked ones is total pride which leads

HH a danger to peace

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Editor, I am in support of Musoma. There should be no dialogue between Lungu and HH. The man is a danger to peace. We are not going to allow that as Zambians. It is a waste of time. Yumba Mwanza

Angels of darkness in Southern Province

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Editor, Chipepo talked over development concern to parliamentarians and the angels of darkness in Southern Province rose up against him. If he spoke of sleeping in the grave he would be called a good chief what a shame. Concerned citizen

Cost of living in Zambia high

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Editor, Now that living in Zambia has become expensive, when is the government going to do anything about the salaries? Our salaries have been left untouched while the cost of everything has gone up. It’s hard to cope. Only the rich are enjoying and the poor continue to suffer. BWALYA, LSK

HH displaying kicks of a dying horse

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Editor, The kicks of a dying horse can be very devastating but eventually it dies. Watch HH where is headed to. Everything has an end an end and so is with arrogance or madness. HH is free to and address whales in the ocean, Zambians will not lose sleep over it

Today’s text messages

Mopani stand off  Dear Editor, As the Government reforms the mining industry serious consideration should be given to the power sector to ensure that the controversy that befell Mopani Mine does not happen again. Power supply and distribution should be left to the mines in the same way that the previous


Source: Daily Nation Facebook Page Total valid responses: 88 Note: This is not a representative sample Participant’s Comments Festone Simwaka:  I am a paramedic and I have seen how patients with cancer and other painful conditions such as demyelinating neuropathies benefit from the use of marijuana. We have really deprived such like ones from