By Pastor Jasper Mutale


“FOR a long time, I didn’t have any self-esteem,” William began.  “The only time I felt good was when I had shoes with the ‘right’ brand name and the newest cell phone.  If I didn’t have them, I didn’t want to go out with my friends.”

Who would have thought that beneath William’s thought, cool image was an ego that could be crushed simply by cheap shoes or a generic sweatshirt?

  Too bad some of his enemies didn’t know.  Little did they realise that William was a modern day Samson – his strength was in his shoes.  Steal his shoes and you conquer the man…

Of course, his shoes weren’t exactly the problem.  The problem was William’s reputation.  It was what other people thought about his shoes – and therefore, about him.

Call it what you like – reputation, peer pressure, people-pleasing, co-dependency – William’s life was controlled by other people.  In that, he was no different from most anyone else. Zambia it is time to be saved! Church we ought to be purpose-driven unlike people-driven.

Then came a few changes:  William came to know the Lord and came to understand that he didn’t have to measure up to the standards of others’ opinions, because God’s opinion of him was rooted in the finished work of Jesus.

In other words, even though he was a sinner, God loved him and made him righteous in His sight, so who cared what other people thought?!  It went well for the next couple of years and he thought his treatment was working.

Then William got married.  He shares some of his thoughts with us:

“Marriage has been a privilege and a blessing to me.  It has also been the context of a surprising discovery.

 I found that being okay in Christ was not quite enough for me.  When I was first married, I knew that Jesus loved me, but I also wanted my new wife to be absolutely, forever smitten with me.  I needed love from her.

 I could finally handle small amounts of rejection from other people, but I felt paralysed if I didn’t have the love I needed from her.  I needed unconditional love.  If she didn’t think I was a great husband, I would be crushed (and, as you might guess, a little angry).”

“This led to a second awakening.  I suddenly realised that I had mutated into a walking love tank, a person who was empty inside and looking for a person to fill me.

My bride was, indeed, gifted in being able to love, but no one could have possibly filled me.  I think I was a love tank with a leak.”

“I tried the old biblical answers that had worked before my marriage, but they were of no use.  They didn’t go far enough.  In fact, they became almost irrelevant.

 They reminded me of times when, after I’d been politely dumped by a girl, my parents would try to cheer me up with ‘We love you no matter what’.

Sure, it was nice that my parents loved me, and it would have been much worse if they did not love me, but I wanted somebody else to love me too.”

Since those days I have spoken with hundreds of people who end up at this same place: they are fairly sure that God loves them, but they also want or need love from other people – or at least they need something from other people.

 As a result, they are in bondage, controlled by others and feeling empty.  They are controlled by whomever or whatever they believe can give them what they think they need.  It is true:  what or who you need will control you.

The fear of man: “Fear” in the biblical sense is a much broader word.  It includes being afraid of someone, but it extends to holding someone in awe, being controlled or mastered by people, worshiping other people, putting your trust in people, or needing people.

  The fear of man:  As used in Scripture, it includes men, women, and children.  We are not limiting our focus Church to the male gender.  We assume, as the Bible does, that every person in our lives has the potential to control us.

We fear people because  they can expose  and humiliate us Shame from sin: One reason we fear other people is that they can expose or humiliate us others may know about your secret mistakes and because of fearing from being exposed, then fear comes in.

Be thou saved Zambia from fear. Immediately after the sin of Adam and Eve, “the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realised they were naked” (Gen 3:7).

This is the debut of the fear of other people.  Shame -consciousness.  Shame from being victimised or sinned gainst:  Throughout human spiritual history, a second form of shame emerged.  It was the result of being sinned against, victimised or dishonoured by others.

For example:  Gen 34:5; Prov 19:26 and Ps.79.  Victims feel embarrassed, humiliation, and disgrace because of the sins of others against them.  They feel unclean, naked and without access to covering, and they fear people.

But, theologically there is a big difference between the two.  Sin-shame is something we bring on ourselves; victimisation-shame is done to us.  Everyone has the experience of sin-shame, but not everyone has this shame intensified by victimisation-shame.

Shame, and its feeling of disgrace before God and others, surfaces in our culture as low self-esteem, with its feelings of worthlessness.  Shame and low self-esteem are both rooted in Adam’s sin.  They both are governed by the perceived opinions of others, and they both involve “not feeling good about ourselves.”

We learn the fear of God by reading and meditating on the Word, and by praying that our God would teach us.  Deut 4:10;  17:18-19; 31:13 and Ps 34:9, 11.

Learning the fear of the Lord the Creator:  Look around and notice God’s glory reflected in creation.  The clouds are reminders of His presence (Ex 19:9); they are his chariots as He oversees His creation (Ps 104:3).

The winds are His messengers (Ps 104:4).  The sun comes forth like a bridegroom, reminding me that Jesus is returning for His church (Ps 19:5).  The heavens truly praise His wonders (Ps 89:5); they declare His glory (Ps 19:1).

Jacob Learns the Fear of the Lord:  Only the story of Jacob reveals God by the name “Fear.”  (Gen 31:53). The first time Jacob met God, or the Fear of Isaac, as he called him, he was on the run from his brother Esau.

Having just cheated him out of his birthright, Jacob had reason to fear the  man.  Undoubtedly, at this time in Jacob’s life, man was big and God was small.  Jacob’s dream changed all that  (Gen 28:21).

The context of the next meeting with God was similar in that it included the threat of Esau, but it is different in that Jacob was going to meet Esau rather than run from him.  The question was clear:  Whom will you fear?  Esau or the true God?

To help Jacob with this decision, God blessed him with a visitation even more intimate than the dream at Bethel.  God actually appeared to Jacob as a man, wrestled with him, and then blessed him.

The Lessons of the Exodus:  The exodus from Egypt and the law that was given from Sinai were some of the first large scale classes in the fear of the Lord.

During these events, God demonstrated that He alone was God.  Nothing could compare to Him.  The law is wonderful in that it reveals the holy character of God.

The Ten Commandments reveal that God’s ways are profoundly higher than the ways of the surrounding nations.  It is a beautiful revelation of the God who protected the oppressed and poor, hated injustice, loved mercy, offered forgiveness and cleansing, and was morally pure.

In the law, God set a new standard for holiness that the world had not known.  Lev 11:44; Lev 19:2; 20:7; Lev 20:26

The image of God in humans is more accurately that of Moses literally reflecting the glory of God (Ex .34:29-32), like the moon reflecting the light of the sun.  Today, the way God’s people come into His presence is by faith.  (2 Cor. 3:18)  The most basic question of human existence becomes “How can I bring glory to God?”

The image-as bringing-glory-to-God is found in the way we live.  In this sense, the image of God in man is a verb.  It is not just-who we are; it is what we do church.

Ultimately, the awesome responsibility and glorious privilege of image-bearing is expressed in simple acts of obedience that have eternal implications.

There are many ways that God reveals Himself that are patterns for us to follow.

Here are some examples:

– You are a Priest: (1 Peter 2:9);

–  You-are a Christian:

We have taken on Christ’s name.  We are His betrothed.  We are heralds and ambassadors for Christ who implore others to be reconciled to God (2 Cor 5:20)

Other pictures of God’s people:  For example, as God’s holiness is revealed in His fatherly love and discipline, our imitation can also be expressed in fathering.

A worker who does Modern  work with the desire to serve Christ is imaging the Son who has worked on our behalf.

Here are just a few of the ways we imitate our God: As children (1 John 3:1);  As slaves (Rom. 6:22);  As friends (John 15:14);  As fellow workers (Eph. 6:1);  As brides (Rev. 21:3);  As warriors (Eph. 6:10-18);  As living stones (1 Peter 2:5);  As evangelists, prophets, pastors, teachers (Eph. 4:11);  As husbands (Isa. 54:5).

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By Pastor Jasper

LUKE 12:57-59 “And why do you not judge for yourselves what is right? As you go with your accuser before the magistrate, make an effort to settle with him on the way, lest he drag you to the judge, and the judge hand you over to the officer, and the officer put you in prison.

I tell you, you will never get out until you have paid the very last penny.”

To confront means to deal with a problem or difficult situation. To confront also could mean to make someone face a difficult person. Confrontation is a normal part of communication within relationships, and is essential for constructive progression of that relationship.

So let us look at the Biblical way to confront a person. Why is confrontation so scary? As sinners, we spend much of our time hiding from, excusing, or blaming others for our sin. In Genesis 3: 8-13 Adam and Eve knew that they had disobeyed God, as they were hiding from Him. We also see excuses being made and blaming taking place.

Sinners (Which are all of us) don’t feel comfortable when their lives are under inspection. We tend to be better at seeing the speck in the eye of our neighbour than the log in our own eyes (Mathew 7:1-5).

We dread confrontation because we don’t like to look at our sin, but also because of the unbiblical and troublesome way we’ve seen it handled. Confrontation is often marred by improper judgment of the person or situation.

Confrontation is often always done without love and the use of condemning words, which should not be so. The problem is that confrontation often takes place within a non-existent or broken relationship and people tend to demand a change immediate of that people rather than knowing that it is a process for a person to change and a person does not change overnight.

What is the purpose of confrontation? To challenge someone to stop and reconsider their words and actions, especially if they contradict the word of God.

For example, if someone teaches their children that they have to wait until marriage before having sex, but is committing adultery in their own marriage. The other purpose of confrontation is to help people see the contradictions and consequences in what they have said and done.

It is to encourage them to take responsibility for words and actions, and often then motivated to change the behaviour, (2 Samuel 12:1-16).

Nathan was called by God to confront King David. Surely David knew the law of the Lord. Why wasn’t he conscience-stricken? Why wasn’t he eaten up with conviction of sin? Why did he need someone to stand before him and point out what should have been so obvious?

This is God’s commitment to intervene in blindness and rebellion with his redemptive grace.  What a powerful reminder of our need for intervention!

We also need God to raise up people who are willing to accept the hard job of helping us to see ourselves as God does, (Hebrews 3:12-15).

See to it, brothers, that none of you has a sinful, unbelieving heart that turns away from the living God. But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness.

We have come to share in Christ if we hold firmly till the end the confidence we had at first. As it has just been said: Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as you did in the rebellion.

Being a Christian does not mean that we are free of spiritual blindness or the potential for self-deception. As long as there is indwelling sin, spiritual blindness and self-deception will exist. We all need daily encouragement so that indwelling sin would not blind us.

People should always have a motive of love when confronting a person and not anger, frustration or insecurity otherwise the person may feel criticised, condemned and rejected.

The goal of confrontation is to benefit the person, not me. Remember something, the context must be in trust-you need to earn the right to confront relationship building.

You may ask, but what are the proper elements in biblical confrontation? Will look at nine biblical models of confrontation. Firstly, examine your heart. Confrontation always begins with you. Be sure that you have dealt with your anger, impatience, self-righteousness and bitterness.

When we start with our own confession, we are in a much better place to lead others to confess.

Secondly: Note your calling. Confrontation is not based on your opinion of the person. Your job is to faithfully represent the message of God. Your goal is to help people see and accept God’s view of them.

Thirdly: Check your attitude. Are your words spoken in kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, compassion and love? Failure to do this will hinder  God  -honouring, change – producing confrontation. I;m sure a person can listen when we are humble and gentle while speaking unlike screaming to prove how wide our mouth can open.

Key number four: Own your own faults. You must enter moments of confrontation with a humble recognition of who we really are. Romans 3:23 says “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”

As we admit our own need for the Lord’s forgiveness, we are able to be patient and forgiving with the one to whom God has called us to minister.

Key number five: Use words wisely. Effective confrontation demands preparation, especially of our words. We need to ask God to help us use words that carry his message, not get in the way of it.

Key number six : Always reflect on the scriptures. The bible guides what we say and how we say it. You should enter confrontation with specifics understanding of what scripture says about the issues at hand.

Nevertheless, key number seven is very important. Always be prepared to listen. We need to give the person an opportunity to talk, since we can’t look into his heart or read his mind or her mind.

Most relationships and marriages are drowning like a sinking Titanic ship because each partner cannot give the other chance to listen.  Our people are also dying because other doctors or nurses cannot have time to listen when a sick person is crying.

Road accidents are claiming lives because our drivers fails to listen when the traffic officers says do not over speed or do not sms while driving.

Most Political leaders were removed by people, because they could not listen to the wishes of the people who voted them. So please listen!

Point number eight. Always grant time for a response. Give the Holy Spirit time to work. Change is usually a process, so don’t expect the person to confess and repent in one sitting.

Lastly, encourage the person with the gospel. It is the awesome grace of God, his boundless love, and His ever-present help that give us a reason to turn from our sin. Romans 2:4 …. God’s kindness leads to repentance.

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth gives way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.”  (Psalm 46:1-3).

May God give you wisdom to confront! As you use the biblical-formula I’m sure growth shall appear in your relationship. If your partner, workmate or any of your close family members is doing wrong, my advice is that, there is hope for a biblical confrontation to resolve your issues and relationships shall be healthy with the biblical confrontation.

Remember to forgive, don’t carry bitterness in your heart. The goal of confronting is to restore a brother or sister and not to destroy a person, bearing in mind that we all stumble and always treat others the way you would like to be treated when in contempt.

Do not judge or condemn when confronting. Use your words wisely bearing in mind abusive words won’t gain you any dignity.  Now go and resolve your issues freely. Know that you are loved when you are confronted. Always respect people in authority and above all your parents and elderly people among you, do not be bitter when confronted in love.

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BUDDING gospel songstress Kabezya says she will widen her horizon this year by working on a DVD album release of most of her songs.

Speaking in an interview to share her resolutions for this year, Kabezya who recently released a new single called ‘Twaleta Amalumbo’ featuring Meme Mbuyu says she musically had a good year 2017 and she is now looking forward to spread her messages using various avenues.

Aware of the fact that music videos play a major role in spreading the word of God, Kabezya believes she will devote most of her time shooting a couple of more music videos that will be compiled in a DVD.

“I am planning to launch my DVD after shooting two or more videos to add to what I already have. If God allows this same year, I am hoping to finish my album and do an album launch together with the DVD launch,” she says, insisting that there will be a lot of work for her this year than ever before.

“I am also trying to collaborate with a number of artistes like Collins Makasa, Chifundo and many others so that I can feature them on my forthcoming album,” she says.

And Kabezya believes gospel music has continued to play a major role in helping people handle different situations. She said even in the worst times of cholera, people are encouraged to believe in God and use prayer to help them while they follow the basic hygiene practices employed to stop the disease.


By Pastor Jasper Mutale

THERE are many religions in this world. There are many different kinds of teachings in this world too. A very small number of them teach that people must be born again. Jesus said very clearly in John 3:3-8 “you must be born again’’

Zambia, it is time to be saved! This teaching Church will show you clearly that religion is not enough. There are millions of church mem-bers who have not been born again. The same thing is true of people who are in churches that are not true churches.

You can be baptised and not be born again. Joining a church does not save you. Taking communion and giving money to the church does not make you a Christian.

In Zambia, many people who only know all the fact about the Gospel are members of churches. Many of them have never been really born again. It is necessary church to make the teach-ing of new birth clear because it is not possible to go to God’s country HEAVEN unless you are born again!

 The new birth is a teaching that comes from the Bible. The Lord Jesus and His followers said this very clearly. John 1:13 says that the new birth does not come through blood.

It does not come through our bodies. It does not come through what people desire. It comes through the work of God. John 3:3-8 says that a person cannot see God’s realm unless he is born again. He must be born of water and of the spir-it before he can enter God’s realm.

Human beings give birth to other human beings. The spirit gives spiritual birth. Jesus said we should not be surprised at this. He said that you must be born again! James 1:18 says that He gave us our new birth through the truth. 1 Peter 1:23 says that believers are born from seed that cannot die. The new life comes from the word of God.

 These verses teach that the new birth is really true. Zambia, it is time to be saved! There is a second birth that is different than the birth from your mother. This birth is from above, from God. It is a new birth in your spirit.

These verses Zambia, teach that everybody who is not a Christian is dead! Not dead in body, but dead spiritually (Ephesians 2:1, 5) such a per-son needs the new birth because he needs new life (1 john 5:12).

These verses Church teach that every person CAN be born again. They MUST be born again. Whatever your race, tribe, position or status, these verses teach that new life is possible for everyone. God is ready to give it to any person who asks for it. Any person can start life over again. This new life begins when Christ comes into your life.

 Salvation is here Zambia, and now is the time. These verses also tell us what Christianity is not. Christianity is not just a list of beliefs. Christianity is not just a list of things you should do and things you should not do. Zambia Christianity is not just being a good person or being pure. Christianity is not just about fighting for certain doctrines, most people like wasting time arguing about simple issues.

CHRISTIANITY MEANS THAT CHRIST IS OUR LIFE {Colossians 3:4}. The new birth means you receive new life. In John 10:10, Je-sus said that He came to give new life to you and me. WHAT ISTHE MEANING OF NEW BIRTH? Look again at John 1:13. Here we see what the new birth is not. The new birth is not of blood. The Jews were proud of their tribe, of their family, their forefathers. In John 8:39 they said that Abraham was their father.

Millions of Zambian today are still proud of their forefathers and their tribes. They think it gives them special rights. In this verse the Lord is saying, “You must be born again.” It does not matter what position you hold among the peo-ple. The new birth does not come through the human nature John 3:6 says that what is born of the flesh is flesh.

This means that only human beings are born from human people. Romans 8:8 says that a human being who is not a child of God cannot please God. The word “flesh” means a person who is not a Christian. He is not born again.

A person who is not a Christian can do many things in his own power. He may be able to: write many books but that does not make him a Christian. He may be able to be a good foot-baller but that does not make him a Christian.

This person can be a smart businessman who makes a lot of money or he can be good at mu-sic, but that does not make him a Christian. A person who is not a Christian cannot please God.

 The new birth is not by the will of man Zambia. This means that the new birth does not come from man but from God. No priest or pastor can save you. Baptism and communion cannot save you. Nothing that is given to you by a person can save you, nothing that any other person can do for you can save you. What the new birth does not mean, it is not just becoming a reli-gious person.

It is not your own power to change. It is not something you do, such as praying, giving money, becoming a member of the church. It is not some religious ceremony. It is not just changing the way you live.

What does really the new birth mean Zambia? It is the work of God in a person. That is why John 1:13 says “born of God” in 1 John 5:1 says that the person who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born (again) of God.

The new birth is not something we do for God it is what God does in us. It is a Resurrec-tion (John 3:6; 6:53; Romans 6:4; Ephesians 2:1,5) our spirit is born new! God brings to life what was dead in us. Ephesians 2:1 says that He has made you alive who were dead.

The new birth is a powerful act of God. It is the Holy Spirit making the person alive. The new person can understand the things the Holy Spirit teaches and know Christ, love Him and serve Him…The new birth! It is an act of making something new.

God creates a whole new life in the believer. The new birth is receiving God’s own life in you. By these promises you can have God’s own life in you (2Peter1:4) Life! Yes Zambia, the new birth is new life, it is completely new life. The believer shows this new life by the way he lives.

 Jesus said, “you must be born again” (John 3:3-7) why did He say this Zambia? Anything other than the new birth is not good enough. Religion without Christ or religion without the new birth takes away a person’s peace.

Without Christ you cannot know for sure that you are saved. In the new birth our sins are for-given. A man may change in his own power and live a better life, only the new birth makes a person know for sure that God has forgiven his sins and put them away (Hebrews 9:26)

Changing yourself just changes what is seen on the outside. Only the new birth changes the heart. Planting flowers around a dirty drain does not change the drain. Painting a building that is rotting cannot save the building. This means that it is dangerous to depend on anything else but the new birth.  Only the new birth considers the HOLINESS of God (Hebrews 12:14).  The new birth show that Christ died on the cross so that you can have eternal life. Christ demanded the new birth (John 3:3-8).

Nothing in the bible is written by accident. Christ chose Nicodemus to teach us that the new birth is necessary. He chose Nicodemus for a purpose.

Nicodemus was not a sinner like every other person. He was the best man Christ could find. He was educated and very religious,  Nicode-mus was a leader of the people for that reason people respected him very much and according to the people he was a perfect man and he had everything any person could have. Jesus said to this kind of man, “you must be born again.”

There are many marks that show a person is a Christian. The mark of OBEDIENCE (1John 2:3) the believer has a definite desire to obey the Lord and do His will.

Note Christ’s example in Philippians 2:5,8. The mark of SEPARATION (1 John 2:19} you may know that you are still living in this world but you are not part of what they do and think in this world, but  you are separated from the sys-tems of this world and its sins.

The mark of LOVE, when you were not a child of God, you used to hate but now there is Love! Praise the Lord! You now love the word of God, the lost souls. You now have the mark of NEW LIFE, meaning you have new friends; you now have peace and joy! All things are now new and the old lifestyle is passed away!

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Cholera knocks out  church services



THE cholera outbreak has knocked out church services in many parts of the country  with  Lusaka having a total ban in  all affected areas.

This follows Ministry of Health directive banning all gatherings of more than 5 people

Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ) general secretary Reverend William Zulu has announced cancellation of all their church programmes around Lusaka until further notice owing to the current cholera situation.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Archdiocese of Lusaka, the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) have advised member churches to observe Ministry of Health ban of all public gatherings in worst affected areas that have recorded high cholera infection rates.

Chruch services and Mass has been cancelled in Kanyama, Garden House, Chibolya, Chawama, Misisi, Kuku, John Laing, John Howard and Jack compounds, Matero, Chunga, Lilanda, George compound, Chawama, Mandevu, Garden, Chaisa, Marapodi, Chipata, Mazyopa and all surrounding areas which have been identified to have high numbers of people getting infected to prevent further contamination.

Catholic Archdiocese of Lusaka pastoral coordinator Father Thomas Banda announced yesterday that Mass has been suspended in all the affected areas for today 7th January and the next Sunday (14th January) 2018, as they await further instructions.

Father Banda has advised against communal processions, and have limited offertories which should not include fresh fruits and vegetables, dressed chickens and any ready-to-eat foods which might be contaminated.

CCZ general secretary Reverend Canon Emmanuel Chikoya in a communique to all member churches called for strict adherence to the prescribed preventative measures advised by the health experts including the ban of public gatherings.

“The areas which are the cholera epicenters cannot be allowed to hold church programs on Sunday and any other day until further notice.

“Church Services can be held in other areas outside these worst hit areas on Sunday as long as the highest levels of hygiene are maintained,” Reverend Chikoya said.

He further advised that every church must have short services and should provide adequate water and very clean toilets with soap and alternative hand sanitizers at entry and exit points to encourage personal hygiene for members.

He said Bishops and pastors must conduct very short worship services and that they should discourage  handshakes.

And EFZ executive director Pukuta Mwanza has called on church leadership to take advantage of the gatherings to sensitize the people on cholera prevention.as well as mobilize manpower to help with cleaning around the compounds and the city.

“We need the church to contribute towards eradicating this problem that has claimed so many lives already. Sensitize your congregants against vandalizing cholera response intervention resources being installed in various townships,” he said.

Reverend Mwanza said there was a lot of work to be done in order to thoroughly clean the city and prevent the spread of the disease by corporating with authorities in burying of shallow wells in Kanyama and other affected areas.

He cautioned against listening to misleading statements that want to downplay the seriousness of the cholera crisis with some overzealous clergy claiming that cholera was a spiritual problem adding that “pray with wisdom so that we eliminate this problem quickly and effectively so that life can return to normal soon”.


By Pastor Jasper Mutale

AWAKE, sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you. Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:14-16

I pray that not one person shall remain the same way there were before reading this article prayer is that everyone at this very hour reading this article, shall resolve to finish well this. May surely God grant you the strength and the grace to finish well.

My prayer is that , at the end of this article you shall solemnly resolve before God to take full responsibility for yourself, your wife or husband, and your children. That you shall resolve to love your wife or husband and children, protect them, serve them, and teach them the word of God as the spiritual leader of your home. That you shall be faithful to your wife, to love and honor her, and be willing to lay down your life for her as Jesus Christ did for you. I pray still that at the end of this article you shall resolve not to say unkind words to your children but that you shall bless your children and teach them to love God with all of their hearts, all of their minds, and all of their strength and that you will train your children to honor authority and live responsibly.

Yet still I pray that you shall finish well this year by resolving to confront evil, pursue justice, and love mercy. That you shall pray for others and treat them with kindness, respect, and compassion. Before entering new year, its my prayer that you shall work diligently to provide for the needs of your family by so doing it will be big blessing to your household. Mostly, I pray that you shall resolve to to forgive those who have wronged you and reconcile with those you have wronged, so you don’t carry with you any grudges into the new year. Just forgive it will soon heal. Deeper yet I pray that you shall resolve to learn from your mistakes life brought you through this 2017, and that you shall repent of your sins, and walk with integrity as a man or woman answerable to God. That you shall further resolve to seek to honor God, be faithful to His church, obey His word, and do His will.

In the words of Joshua, he said “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD’’. (Joshua 24:15). my brother and my sister know that resolution is a game changer. It is a bold declaration stating that from this point on , you are choosing to live for what matters most. Its established in your heart and then spoken from your lips, committing yourself to fulfill your God-given responsibilities and live your life with faith and integrity. It expresses who you desire to be as a man or woman and reminds you of your priceless influence on the next generation. The Bible describes a resolute man or woman as being steadfast, meaning he or she has chosen to stand up and become fixed on doing what is right. The psalmist described a blessed man by saying, “His heart is steadfast, trusting the LORD’’ (Psalm 112:7)

I pray that you shall finish well this year, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth . You could be in Lusaka,kabwe,ndola,kitwe or solwezi but it does not not where you are as long as you make up your mind to finish well this year and it shall be so. I have few questions which can help you think of areas you have to resolve to finish well. I too have a list of areas God is teaching me and that makes us one of us. Like in each hospital they do X-rays to determine the cause of any illness ,in the same way these are like our x-ray questions you need to think about. Is your wife or husband weary, worn out, and always feeling he or she is carrying too much on her shoulders? Does your marriage lack clear direction and true romance? Are your children, whether young or grown, emotionally distant from you and spiritually apathetic toward God? Is your own faith and spiritual condition weak or mediocre at best? These and other questions can help you determine on which areas you need God’s grace.

Remember as a man in the house God has ordained you as a leader and know that leadership determines direction. I know you may not like this but if your wife has been calling all shots and has her hands on the wheel, then very likely it’s because you have not. Regardless of what she does, God has intentionally placed you in the drivers seat and wants you to lead. You need her deeply ; but leading is your God-ordained responsibility, not hers. So be encouraged , have hope and no man and no family is lost cause when God gets involved. You should know the power of fatherhood .if you want to get to the core of who people really are, get them to start talking about their dad. Let them tell you what he said to them. How he treated them. Things he modeled for them. It will be very telling as to why they are who they are.

This current generation of young men doesn’t know what it means to be a man. Or to be a mature, responsible leader. Or to be a strong and engaged father one day. Society is guiding boys to remain boys as long as possible-extending childhood to their thirties. Instead of growing up, getting married, and courageously raising up the next generation, millions of young men are staying single, remaining emotionally and directional dependent on their mothers while becoming addicted to entertainment, pornography, and video games. They want the privileges and rewards of manhood but only the responsibilities and moral requirement for boys. So when they become fathers themselves, they don’t know what to do, and they feel extremely ill-equipped. The dressing also tells a lot between men and boys..Resolve to become a man.

Young women, likewise, are entering life without a deep sense of value and worth. Rather than displaying feminine charm, modesty, and grace, many have become nearly (if not equally) as rude and without respect in the way they dress. The blame comes to innocent parents who are doing their best each day ,but I pray that you parents shall seek the wisdom of God .i know at times when fathers disconnects, leaves, or dies too soon, so does a part of his child’s heart. At the point a child gets detached from his or her father, it creates a massive unmet needs in all the key areas for which the father is responsible.

My dear beloved resolve to stay in close fellowship with God. Nothing is more powerful than an intimate, obedient relationship with God to satisfy the longing of your heart and help you overcome any temptation. Plugging into the vine of Jesus Christ empowers you to bear much fruits and avoid sin.

Resolve to stay close with your wife..maintain a fierce loyalty to her by putting new habits into place that draw you together. Turn off your Tv and have time to talk to her. Work through problems instead of avoiding them. Apologize often and forgive without hesitation.

Resolve too, to lead your heart. Your heart will naturally chase after whoever looks good or appeals to you at the moment. So even though you should always treat women with respect, you must keep any woman other than your wife at a healthy emotional distance.

Resolve to bless your children. If anyone finds worldly fame and prosperity but misses out on this, he actually misses everything. It is God’s will that we love Him, obey Him, and live for Him. Moses told us precisely how to instill this truth into our children’s lives

these words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)..

capture your children’s hearts by giving them attention,affirm them and always give them the motherly or fatherly affection they need.

Resolve to demonstrate love by praying for others. On in Christ do we find the wisdom, strength ,and motivation to accomplish what God has given us to do. You need God’s grace to treat others with kindness, respect, and compassion. Jesus’ love helps yo and me to love people who are not like us. Loving others as Jesus loved them means recognizing everyone as being a creation of God. After all, the bible says we are all made in the image of God. So please resolve to love unconditionally. Forgive each other , so all the unforgiveness can remain alone in the year 2017.

God be with you all, and may God give you grace to cross over into the new year with a fresh grace. May God’s  favor rest on you, as God makes you into a fruitful forest in the works of your hands. May the Spirit of life give life to all your work that seem not to grow. May the Spirit of God resurrect anything in your life that seem to be dead ,in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. May the spirit of creation fill you with creativity in Jesus’ Name. Have a blessed new year and prosperous new year.


Shalom, shalom. Contact me at  HYPERLINK “mailto:jasper.mutale@yahoo.comjasper.mutale@yahoo.com or 0966487131 

‘All must seek God’

BY Sandra Machima


THERE is no enemity when it comes to seeking God, and therefore it is time for Zambia to pray and plead to God for peace and reconciliation as a prerequisite of a Christian nation, says Church of God Cathedral of Miracles senior pastor Naison Nyonyo.

Bishop Nyonyo asked Zambians to commit and pray for all those who do not even believe in the power of prayer and reconciliation, noting the  declared day of national prayer and fasting should not be taken for granted because that was the time people communicated to God.

 “With a prayer, everything is possible and I am urging Zambians to take time to reflect and pray for others during this period so that they too can come to understand the importance of this day,” he said.

The clergyman charged that those who were not interested in attending the prayer day should be remembered in prayers, saying Zambia was a blessed nation with people who were willing to sacrifice for the sake of others.

He urged the people of Zambia not to listen to individuals who wanted to mislead them, but that the focus should be on prayers, if God was to answer their prayers.

“We are a Christian nation and it is not arguable that each and everyone needs God’s guidance, and therefore this day must be honoured and give glory to the Lord,” he said.

The clergyman said the declared prayer and fasting day by the National House of Prayers should be taken seriously and as matter of showing love and unity, saying it was vital for everyone to reflect and ensure they observed the prayer and fasting period that was aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation.

Bishop Nyonyo reiterated that true reconciliation and peace comes with humility and humbleness. He saiddisrespecting prayers was a mockery to God, noting it was therefore vital that each and every one committed themselves to God to receive their grace.

“Today is a special day which is dedicated to God and this must be practised by love for one another so that our country remains the beckon of peace and unity,” he said.

Recently, the National House of Prayer board announced a 40-day period of prayer and fasting, which started on September 9 to October 18 under the theme, “promoting peace and reconciliation and consolidating national unity in diversity.

Jesus is coming, are you ready to meet him?

What is about to happen?


The greatest event of the 21st Century is about to happen; Jesus Christ is returning!

He is first returning for His people; the born again believers who are looking for his return.

“For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.

After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up in the air with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

And so we will be with the Lord forever.” (1Thess 4:16-17)

Can you imagine CNN and all the major networks covering this story?

Hundreds of millions of people will be missing from earth; as they will all disappear in one second.

The world will be thrown into shock, fear and great despair with nobody knowing what will happen next.

 Then great tribulation and catastrophic judgment will fall upon the world for seven years till Jesus returns physically to reign and rule on earth.


We have never in history seen such major problems facing our world and with no solutions.

Today almost all major Bible prophesy scholars, Bible teachers and church leaders agree we are in the last of the last days, just before Christ’s return.

The Bible says we will not know the day or the hour, but we will definitely know the season.

“When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

Luke 21:28 As no other time in history, Jesus’ soon return is being rapidly ushered in by the fulfilling of Bible prophecy as we watch the daily news.

How to get ready

You need to make sure you are ready to meet God and have received His love and forgiveness before Jesus Christ returns.

Contrary to what you feel or believe God isn’t mad at you and it’s never too late to come to Him.

No matter how much you have messed up your life with sin and wrong choices God still loves you and wants to forgive you.

All you have to do is to BELIEVE!


  1. Our condition

Sin is our failure to measure up to God’s holiness and righteous standards.

We sin by things we do, choices we make, attitudes we show and thoughts we entertain.

No matter how hard we try, none of us do the right thing all the time.

The Bible says, “There is none righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10). Our sins separates us from a Holy God. No matter how you might classify yourself, we are all sinners.

  1. Sin’s penalty

The Bible clearly says, “the wages of sin is death”(Romans 6:23). Because of your sin you are condemned to death, which is eternal separation from God in hell.

God is absolutely holy and just, therefore He cannot overlook even a single sin.

  1. Man’s solution

Many of us are confused about the way to God and believe God will look upon our good deeds and our kind acts as qualification for entering Heaven. Compared to others we may feel that we are not that bad.

 The Bible teaches us that no amount of human goodness, human works, human morality, or religious activity can gain anyone acceptance into heaven.

Giving of time and money or helping others are “good” things to do, but they will never save a person from eternal death.

The moral, the immoral, and religious men are all in the same boat; they all fall short of God’s perfect righteousness. God says “all our righteous acts are like filthy rags”. (Isaiah 64:6)

  1. God’s solution

God’s great love has not left us without a solution as the penalty for your sins had to be paid. God in His grace and mercy sent His son Jesus to die in our place for all our sins.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal Life” (John 3:16)

 “God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us”. (Romans 5:18)

 “For Christ died for sins once for all; the righteous for the unrighteous to bring you to God”. (1Peter 3:18)

 “Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except by me”.(John 14:6)

 When Jesus died on the cross he took away all your sins past, present and future they are gone, they have been paid for by His Blood. In His great love He died in your place.

The only thing you need to do is to believe it and receive it for yourself.

People never go to Hell for their sins, they have all been taken away by Jesus.

 They only go to Hell for not believing and receiving for themselves what Jesus has already done for them.

  1. Receiving God’s solution

We each must come to God the same way:

  1. as a sinner who recognizes his sinfulness.
  2. with the realization that no human works can result in salvation.
  3. And with complete faith in Christ’s finished work alone for your salvation.

Receive God’s love and forgiveness right now before it’s too late. It’s a free gift that He has already given you through the finished work of Christ Jesus.

 All you have to do is to believe and receive it. Pray this simple prayer below with a sincere heart and you will be saved immediately. God is lovingly waiting for you to respond to Him.


 “Yet to all who received Him to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God”. (John 1:12)

 “That if you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”. (Romans 10:9)

 “For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved”. (Romans 10:13).

-Global ministry of Jesus San Diego

Church offering goes electronic in Kenya

From Tawanda  Munyuki in Nairobi, Kenya

TECHNOLOGY has taken centre stage in Kenya’s way of life with church offerings been done electronically, says Zambia’s High Commissioner to Kenya Brenda Muntemba.

Ms Muntemba said that Kenyans used phones for shopping and many other transactions using what was known as M-Pesa.

She explained that the M-Pesa was a system that allowed people to pay for services anywhere using their phones.

Ms Muntemba further said that the same system was also used in many churches by worshippers to pay their offerings including tithe..

“Today in most churches here people give their offerings using M-Pesa , every person just uses their phones to give whenever it is time for offering”, she said.

She said the system was effective and reliable for most people.

Ms Muntemba explained that most Kenyans were successful in their businesses because of the use of technology.

She said people were able to buy in various shops with just their mobile phones including paying church offerings.

 “Most Kenyans succeed in their businesses because they have interest in technology and are always looking for new ways of improving their businesses using ICT”, she said.

How husbands should keep their marriages

By Pastor Japser Mutale

I WILL be faithful to my wife, to love, respect and honour her, and be willing to lay down my life for my wife as Jesus Christ did for me 2000 years ago.

God’s calling for you as a husband was not to marry the woman you love, but to love the woman you married.  When you got married, you were declaring your wife holy unto you. That doesn’t mean she’s perfect. But you set her apart in your eyes above all the other women on the face of the earth.

She became your prized possession for you to cherish, love, and protect for the rest of your life. And it is your responsibility to guard and keep her in that holy place of honour.  If you belittle her or treat her harshly, unloving ways, you are not just acting badly. You are profaning the treasure God has given you.

Because marriage is holy, and because of what it represents, because you are commanded to love your wife unconditionally like Jesus, you should never sin against God and your marriage by committing adultery. It is God’s will for us to abstain from sexual immorality (1 Thessalonians 4 :3). If you reject this command, you are not “rejecting man but God who gives His Holy Spirit to you” (1 Thessalonians 4:8)

 Let’s face the truth Church. Most men fall into adultery do not originally set out to do so. They don’t lose their marriages in a day. It starts off innocently, with small compromises that eventually became tolerated over time. A man gets too busy and isn’t spending time with God and His Word.

He gets worn out at work, then into a disagreement with his wife, and they go to bed angry. She begins to withdraw emotionally and physically, treating him with increasing disrespect. Then the Devil provides him opportunities to lust after other women – whether over internet or perhaps one woman in particular with whom he shares the frustrations he’s having in his marriage.

Soon he begins to pursue sexual fulfilment that is not from his wife. And before he knows it, he has a baby – stepped his way into an addiction or an adulterous pit, unintentionally devastating his marriage, his spiritual walk, and the respect of his kids.

 Here are the ten action points for staying faithful in your heart and in your marriage-for keeping your wife holy in your sight,

  1. Stay in close fellowship with God. Nothing is more powerful than an intimate, obedient relationship with God to satisfy the longing of your heart and help you overcome any temptation. Plugging into the vine of Christ empowers you to bear much fruit and avoid sin. A man who stays in God’s Word daily and cries out to Him in prayer will have stronger discernment, greater love for his wife, and the grace to resist temptation. Stay close!
  2. Stay in close fellowship with your wife. Maintain a fierce loyalty to her by putting new habits into place that draw you together. Call her from work. Turn off the TV and talk with her at night. Work through problems instead of avoiding them. Apologise often and forgive without hesitation. Take her out on a date as often as you can. Go through the Love Dare book. Speak highly of her in public. Attend a marriage enrichment weekend together. Always be a student of books or seminars that can help you have a stronger marriage. Pray together. Laugh together. Love together. Bloom her with your love!
  3. Avoid lust and pornography like the plague. Jesus said if a man looks at a woman with lust for her, he has already committed adultery in his heart (Matthew 5;27-28). Instead we must be like Job, who made a “covenant” with his eyes that he would not look lustfully at other woman (Job31:1), because lust is never satisfied and leads only to more lust and dissatisfaction. One of its biggest traps, of course, is pornography, which is all too available on the Internet and is currently perverting minds, darkening hearts, and weakening marriages by the millions. Viewing pornography is like eating out of a sewer. The only person you should see undressed before your eyes or in your imagination is your wife. Period.
  4. Never let your guard down. Solomon (the wisest man in the Bible), Samson (the strongest man in the Bible), and David (the man after God’s own heart) all fell the same way: women and sex. And if it could happen to them when they let their guards down, it can happen to you too. Whether you’ve been married for two weeks or forty years, you should always be on guards, maintaining a healthy fear of God and disgust with evil. Don’t trust your flesh to do the right thing because it is sure to betray you. Be aware that when you are fearful, frustrated, or fatigued, you are most vulnerable. Avoid tempting situations rather than trying to resist temptation. Set wise standards as to what media you will view. Avoid being alone in a room or in a car with another woman. Purity comes only to those who truly want it and tenaciously guard it.
  5. Lead your heart. Your heart will naturally chase after whoever looks good or appeals to you at the moment. So even though you should always treat women with respect, you must keep any woman other than your wife at a healthy emotional distance. Foolish men today are reconnecting with old girlfriends on social networking sites, not guarding their heart, and then betraying their marriages.
  6. Seriously consider the consequences. Solomon, son of King David and Bathsheba, grew up knowing and seeing how his parents “one-night” stand eventually led to murder of Bathsheba’s husband, the death of their illegitimate child, the immoral life of David’s son Absalom, the loss of 20, 000 men in battle, and shame to the people of God.  The immediate thrill of illicit sexual excitement is always followed by devastating, long-lasting consequences. Then the adulterer will conclude that those short minutes of pleasure were not worth the years of pain afterward. That’s when the “Affair to Remember” becomes the “Fornication I Can’t Forget.”
  7. Run for the hills. The Bible commands us to “flee immorality” (1 Corinthians6:18). Only a fool says, “I can handle temptation without sinning.” The wise man says,”I’m not going anywhere near it” Whether it be a female co-worker with flirty eyes, the TV in a hotel room, or an unfiltered Internet site, if it even barely starts to trip you up, get away from it as fast as you can. Establish some hard and fast rules, like,” No television or computer viewing after your wife’s in bed.” If you are falling, get rid of whatever’s tripping you up. Guard what’s holy and priceless!
  8. Lock shields with other men. Proverbs18:1 says that when a man gets alone and away from others, he tends to do two unhealthy things: he “seeks his own desire,” and he“quarrels against all sound wisdom.” Since we are in a moral battle, we need other soldiers around us, men who can help us become better and stronger. By working together and being honest, men can help each other with their struggles, encourage their daily walk, warn against doing stupid things, and then provide counsel toward becoming more successful in marriage. Find some good men around you and start meeting for workouts, breakfast, Bible study, or prayer together.”As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs27:17NIV).
  9. Don’t let divorce become an option. Adultery can obviously lead to a divorce, but Jesus pointed out how divorce can lead to adultery.”It was said, ”Whoever sends his wife away, let him give her certificate of divorce; but I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, expect for the reason of unchastely, makes her commit adultery; and whoever marries a divorces woman commits adultery”(Matthew5:31-32). Many couples get a divorce because they’re not happy. But selfishness is never satisfied. Marriage is about love, not happiness-love that is unselfish and “does not seek its own”(1Corinthians13:5). If your relationship is not what it should be, How willing are you to get help to avoid divorce? What if it costs time and money for counselling or marriage conference? Be willing to sacrifice and invest in it. God can resurrect any marriage if a couple will just die ti themselves.
  10. Have better sex with your wife more often. God’s solution to sexual immorality is marriage (1Corinthians7:1-5). Meeting one another’s sexual needs helps us avoid Satan’s temptations toward immorality.

But remember that your level of enjoyment during sex is more about what is going on in your heart, mind, and spirit than in your body.

Too often we don’t prepare ourselves emotionally, spiritually and relationally for sex, then we wonder why the act itself is only marginally satisfying. Since the sexual relationship is founded upon your commitment, love, and intimacy, it is important to get all three of these things right before you are physically together. For now Shalom as you resolve to love your wife.

For prayers  kindly contact  me on jasper.mutale@yahoo.com or 0966487131