Pukuta praises Govt for barring fake prophets

  By Simon Muntemba WE strongly commend government for not allowing fake prophets and other missionaries to enter Zambia to extort money from unsuspecting poor Zambians needing spiritual help, says Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza. In an interview with Daily Nation yesterday, Rev Mwanza said the fake men

Church urges  politicians to  put God first

   By JUSTINA MULENGA   IT IS mandatory for all politicians in the country to put God first in all their affairs because Zambia will forever be a Christian nation, Bethlehem Congregation clergyman, Reverend John Tchitumbo has charged. In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Reverend Tchitumbo said it was vital for people

‘Let’s live as a Christian nation’

By JACK MAPAPAYI THE conduct of the Zambian people should truly reflect the Christian nation declaration, says Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili. Rev. Sumaili said Zambians should remain united because a divided nation could not stand. She said that all stakeholders such as the church, traditional leaders, the business

Youths welcome deportation of Nigerian pastor

By MARY KACHEPA YOUTHS in Lusaka have expressed happiness over the deportation of Nigerian pastor Seer 1 and urged other pastors and prophets that are conducting themselves in a way that does align with the word of God to learn from his expulsion. Family Tree in Zambia general overseer Clever Mambalataka said

Preparing to win football and other challenges in our lives

  By Pastor Jasper Mutale Why is it that in 1 Samuel, Jesse (and indeed, his other sons) seemed to be the last to see David as a potential candidate to be anointed as king? Could it be that David’s newness to Samuel caused his charismatic qualities to be so much more

CCZ warns Zambians against ‘fake’  church agendas

  By CHARLES MUSONDA THE Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has implored all Zambians to be wary of organisations using high poverty levels to entice them to attend their events. CCZ general secretary Suzanne Matale said in a statement yesterday that the organisations in question were using such platforms to drive

8 killed in church stampede

  By Kalobwe Bwalya And Dorcas Mtonga   A RELIGIOUS outreach programme initiated by 35,000 invitation cards has ended with the death of eight people following a stampede as people scrambled to enter the venue in Lusaka after the gates were opened. And Government has suspended operations of the Church of Christ after preliminary

How to identify a false church

  By James Jester IT IS depressing to live in an age where Christianity is so corrupt that it makes those who know the whole truth of the Bible feel like Elijah. To Elijah, it appeared that he was alone in preaching the whole counsel of God. Today it is the same

Church warns against false prophets

  By SANDRA MACHIMA GOVERNMENT must protect citizens from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals masquerading as miracle performers and prophets, says the Council of Churches (CCZ). CCZ general secretary ReverendSuzanne Matale has urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to enforce the Society’s Act CAP 119 to ensure that churches operating

Bible Society donates 900 Bibles to ZCS

  By AARON CHIYANZO THE Bible Society of Zambia has donated 900 Bibles to Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) in an effort to ensure that inmates are transformed into law abiding citizens who can be easily integrated into society. Speaking at the handover ceremony in Lusaka yesterday, Bible Society of Zambia board treasurer Annie