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Kambwili’s indiscipline   dangerous and divisive Dear Editor I will not be surprised if Chishimba Kambwili will claim to be a victim of machinations in the party and yet he and Musenge have been the made most regular appearances in the Mast newspaper which    has never been a friend of the nation. For an

Dear editor

What does Zambia Police need to do to contain suspected sabotage?  Dear Editor,  As a humanist, I am concerned about issues affecting human life. Therefore, when I read the front page headline story, “UPND summoned” in the July 20, 2017 issue of the Daily Nation about police in Livingstone summoning the UPND Livingstone District

Letters to the editor

Cage these terrorists Dear Editor,   The climax of last week was the meeting between the Catholic Bishops led by Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu and President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the Zambian democratically elected President. This meeting was very important in that it was the first step to finding a solution to treacherous behaviour perpetrated by

Letters to the editor

It is payback time even in the pitch darkness of a graveyard Dear Editor, The story of Senior Chief Mukuni daring Government to arrest him saying, “I don’t fear prison, I have slept at a graveyard in pitch darkness before; where Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo can’t survive even for two minutes”,

Letters to the editor

Attempt to gut Daily Nation premises an act of terrorism Dear Editor, The arsonists attempted to set ablaze the Daily Nation premises using petrol bombs during the night of Sunday July 9, 2017. The Daily Nation offices are located on Mukwa Road and the attempted arson occurred between 2200 hours and 2300

Letters to the Editor

Please read Article 31 and understand it fully Dear Editor, The latest press conference held at State House is one of the best of its kind. The Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu explained the meaning of Article 31 of the constitution of  Zambia “declaration relating to threatened emergency” meaning there is no tension

Letters to the Editor

Anti-PF prejudice by the UPND operatives Dear Editor, My attention went to the front page headline story, “Flush out terrorists” (Daily Nation, July 8, 2017), where I was impressed by the Citizen Democratic Party (CDP) president Robert Mwanza’s statement in response to suspected actions of terrorism. Leaders and general members in some

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Govt of national unity with the UPND a non-starter Dear Editor, I agree that dictatorship, coups, armed rebellions, free-and-fair elections and now in vogue power-sharing – Africa has seen it all. But as Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu revealed that aggressive foreign monopoly capital was agitating for regime change in Zambia, South

Today’s letters to the editor

What’s wrong with HH? Dear Editor AS AN ordinary Zambian I have for the past 10 months struggled to understand the post-election problems of Zambia and where they’ve come from. I have always looked to our Church mother bodies to guide us on this matter but they’ve chosen to take sides or

Today’s letters to the Editor

Post Newspaper promoted tribalism in Zambia Dear Editor, The liquidated Post newspaper is the paper that has made some politicians even some Zambians not to be at peace with each other. As Zambians we failed to notice how our leaders were demonized by this newspaper. Whoever did not play the drum with