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Mutati should investigate the PIA Dear Editor, I have been following your newspaper’s explicit revelations on the happenings at the Pensions and Insurance Authority (PIA). It is surprising that after all the breaches of the Pensions and Insurance Act by Saturnia Regna no action has been taken by PIA. I feel the reason

Zambia amassed vital three points but….

  Dear Editor, The Under 20 Zambia national team amassed the vital three points by beating the highly rated, Portugal 2-1 at the ongoing South Korea FIFA Under 20 World Cup football tournament.  The Under 20 Africa Cup of Nations (AfCON) champions played their first game of Group C against Portugal on Sunday

Staff at Chilenje level 1 hospital are rude and ill-mannered

Dear Editor, I wish to express my dissatisfaction with the conduct of medical personnel at Chilenje  Level 1 Hospital. The letter published in your paper, Monday edition, May 22, over the death of a pregnant mother following the astonishing negligence of the medical personnel at this hospital cannot pass without condemnation. I cannot

The Catholic Church in Zambia can do better

Dear Editor, The Catholic Church, no doubt is one of the biggest religious institutions in the world. There are even talks that the church in fact rules the world because of it powerful organised leadership and membership. But when the same church recently apologized for its part in that despicable Rwandan genocide that

Neglected mother dies at Chilenje first level hospital maternity ward

Dear Editor, People have ceaselessly complained of negligence and bad attitude of some of our nurses and for sure I experienced and saw it last Friday. Imagine my sister gave birth around 07.00hrs but there was a complication and needed to be referred to UTH. But by 19.00 hours the nurses were

‘Yamene Puffs’ billboard  obstructive

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Editor, The ‘Yamene Puffs’ billboard on Kabulonga Boys School past Kabulonga Girls’ school must be pulled down. LCC and RTSA must urgently arrange to relocate them for the safety of the students and other road users in the vicinity. They are obstructive, distractive and an eyesore. Bwalya .A

Is there a working Judiciary in Zambia?

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Editor, One would wonder if the courts in this country add any value to the nation. The common thing you hear now is adjournment all the time. Justice is just for the rich and the poor are left to suffer. Let us bring back justice. S.M. Lipalile  

Leave UPND alone

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 Editor, So which law says Bembas should takeover other political parties? Well, other tribes are capable if not more. There are many tribes in Zambia and if only Bembas are excluded from taking over leadership of UPND, is it a crime? A big NO! John Kayesha  

Let us develop Lusaka

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Editor, We have not yet exhausted all development ideas for Lusaka, so why should we be thinking of a nightmare of starting a new tale on borrowed resource in the quest of establishing a new capital city for Zambia? Lusaka can be reshaped into a modern city with what is on