The ERB explanation on ZESCO tariff adjustment was spot on…But?

By Mwiine Lubemba Last Sunday we broke off at that point when we said: In any case, today’s low cost environment is opening up new options for electricity generation, just as energy storage technology is coming of age. Large companies are already investing heavily in energy storage batteries to meet growing demand

Need for Safety conscious marketers

By Mark Kunda Marketers and marketeers are different. Marketing is a profession and marketers are professionals. The way marketing is being conducted in Zambia leaves so much to be desired. Zambia urgently needs safety conscious marketers. I remember a TV advertisement by Workers Compensation Fund Control Board. The advert showed an

Zambia scoops the African anti-xenophobia Youth soccer championship

By Philip Chirwa When the final whistle was blown, the crowd erupted into chants of “Zambia! Zambia! Zambia!” and “Chipolopolo eee! Chipolopolo eee!” after Zambia scooped the African Youth Soccer Championship Cup  when they beat Somalia 3-1 in a thrilling final held at Jeppe Boys High School Stadium in Kensington east


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  Preamble ccording to Dr. Lumbwe’s interpretation of the Bemba proverb, “Umulilo ucingile abakalamba taoca,’’ in English means, “the fire does not destroy when the elders screen it from you. (No matter how bad the trouble, it will turn out alright if the elders help you).’’ He went on: “Umulilo nangu


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Mr. President, remember 9/11 it is not my intention to bring sad memories to the many Americans who were affected by the deaths and injuries brought about by terrorist attacks. The attacks affected the whole world and many global leaders stood with America against the acts of evil which occurred in

Exploiting opportunities from the growing economy  

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By Sycorax Tiyese When some people and some opposition leaders say that Zambia’s poverty levels are growing, reflecting on what is happening both in rural and urban areas, one wonders how honest, objective and accurate such statements are. Finance minister, Felix Mutati has on several occasions stated that the national economy is

Essence of morality or ethics

What is morality? Morality or ethics is the aggregate of standards or rules of behaviour in society, reflecting the people’s ideas of justice, good and evil, honour and dishonour etc. In contrast to legal standards, moral standards and rules are not recorded in laws, but are maintained by force of public

Application of statistics in crop forecasting

Crop production is affected by a number of factors some of which are environmental factors. For example, weather influences crop growth and development. Variability in the crop production arises from differences in soil properties, crop agronomic management practices such as planting, fertiliser application, irrigation, tillage, etc. can be used to

Children of the night, the growing menace of street kids in Zambia

  By Kanyanta E.Kaunda Like werewolves transforming before a full moon, a metamorphosis occurs on the streets of Lusaka every night. Under the cover of night, relatively harmless youths transform into aggressive children, attacking and robbing passers-by. Certain areas in the city like town center, the Kamwala fly -over bridge and Manda-hill

The French elections in global context

  By Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda The presidential elections in France on 7th May 2017 was an event of considerable interest for the people in the global community who embrace the spirit of human Fellowship, especially coming as they did after some exceptional water had passed under the bridge by way of Brexit