…THIS IS WHY WE NEED A NEW CAPITAL CITY BY INNOCENT SIACHITOBA   THE demographic pressure being experienced in Lusaka City will be worse in the next 15 years, a development that will pose further threat on the current constrained life support infrastructure. High population growth rates at both national and provincial levels respectively


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  BY SYCORAX TIYESA NDHLOVU   Zambia education system should find a way of improving on reading culture among learners or else the current poor reading culture might reverse the prevailing socio-economic national development processes this country is now going through. Former South African president, late Nelson Mandela said: ‘Education is a key to

Proud Zambians buy Zambian?

  By Mwine Lubemba If you have been paying attention, you probably have seen the Made In Zambia-Buy Zambian adverts promoted by Zamtel featuring Jeff Sitali, Norena Chiteba and this nameless young school girl on YouTube—www.behance.net/Proud Zambians-Buy-Zambian-Zamtel. They remind me of the all too familiar staple of Zambian journalism back in the UNIP


By Sycorax T. Ndhlovu Reports that Patriotic Front (PF) councilors are protesting against local government and housing minister, Vincent Mwale; and that they are threatening to resign if their monthly salary demands are not met (Daily Nation November 13, 2016; page 1) are a general political representatives’ testimony to what veteran

Statistics in agriculture

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  By Eustarkio Kazonga Introduction M y previous article in The World of Statistics column focused on the uses of statistics in politics such as campaigns, analysis of election results, referendum and political debates. This article focuses on the use of statistics in agriculture. Agriculture is defined as the science, art, or practice of

How  Winson’s tricks were exposed

  By Philip Chirwa By mid-morning of that sunny  day in  December, 1987, several helicopters had landed at Zambezia Farm in Chieftainess Chiawa’s area near Chirundu. They had brought VIPs who included the first republican president, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, his party Secretary-General, Grey Zulu, prime minister Kebby Musokotwane(now late), Central Committee members,

The solar water geysers  programme was a good project

   BY Ronald Lwamba  A carbon emission tax is an environmental tax on emissions of carbon dioxide, as the gas is considered to be a heat trapping ‘greenhouse gas’ and the purpose of a carbon tax is to protect the environment by penalising emissions of carbon dioxide, which causes global warming. I am

Zambian sports failures

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  By Expendito Chipasha Chipalo From the last week of February 2017 to the second week of March 2017, Zambia will be the focus of African sports followers. During that period, the country will host the Under-20 Men’s African Football Confederations championships in two cities; Lusaka and Ndola. It is not always that

To burn or not to burn;  Cremation vs burial

  By Kanyanta E. Kauma   Lately the nation has been consumed by the argument for or against cremation in Zambia. Following the proposal of mass cremation as a tool for curbing the shortage of grave space in the country, the nation was left astir. Mortality is a topic that easily raises more questions

Agricultural Plants are a Source of Good Health 

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  By Makeli Phiri        Agriculture is the main stay of every nation, whether it is done on a smaller scale or bigger scale, the bottom line is the country must have food and food in abundance. The idea of citizens not getting sick is not new and is currently in vogue. Should