The primary party organs

  By Dr Kashiwa Bulaya Essence of Primary Party Organs   What are primary party organs? The primary party organs are the basic organs and units of the organisational structure of the party. They concentrate and reflect in a specific way all problems and tasks ensuing the life and activities of the party, the

Solution in sight for road carnage?

No single death at night reported since PSVs were banned by SI 76 By SANDRA MACHIMA   IS THE Government’s decision to introduce Statutory Instrument (SI) Number 76 of 2016 that restricts the movement of Public Service Vehicles (PSV) between 21:00 hours and 05:00 hours a solution to the road carnage?  Hardly did

A surprise gift as Chirwa reveals his background

  By Philip Chirwa It was happening like in a movie. The time was about 10.30 hours. I was seated in my office as Features Editor at Zambia Daily Mail when I received a message that  there was a visitor outside who wanted to see me. Imagine my surprise when I got

How to think correctly in class and at home 

By Ednar Kazonga Consider the following scenario. A 5 year old boy from the city is at the village for Christmas holidays (Different physical orientation).It is entertaining but sad when pupils in class attempt to answer questions without thinking at all! For example I once asked an absent minded 10th grader

‘Seeing is believing’

So far the PF government has had five(5) ministers of tourism namely Hon. Given Lubinda MP, Hon Harry Kalaba MP, Hon Sylvia Masebo MP, Hon Jean Kapata MP and currently Hon Charles Banda MP and if my memory serves me right, none of them have ever been to Kasaba bay

Water in agricultural activities

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  By Makeli Phiri Water is life so we say. It is a commodity that should not be wasted as it is so precious to every living thing under the sun. In whatever environment as long as there are living things in that area they all need water in minute or large

Finally solutions to uncollected garbage found

  By MAILESI BANDA ‘PREVENTION is better than cure’ is an old adage often socially and medically used and the mantra is as true today as it was when it was first coined by a Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus. Erasmus may never have been a Christian or could never have read the Bible

Proper implementation of a national  budget improves citizen’s well-being

  By Buumba Chimbulu IN the modern world, every government aims at maximising the welfare of its country and it requires a number of infrastructural, economic and social welfare activities. All these activities require huge expenditure to be incurred. This requires appropriate planning and policy of the government. The solution to all these problems is

Book Review: Zambia – The Freedom Struggle and the Aftermath

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  Author:                       Sophena Chisembele Publisher:                   Axminister Price:              K220 Among the fables contiguous to Zambia’s freedom struggle is that much of the fight was by the Bemba speaking people of the Northern and Muchinga provinces. Another is that the leading proponents of the struggle were Dr. Kenneth Kaunda and Simon Kapwepwe. This book by Sophena Chisembele 

The Chills and Frills of 2016 – an Eagle’s eye view!

  Years come and go. Some look short. Others long. Yet all have same days. 360 days precisely. The long ones are those whose events look predictable and people easily follow through. The short ones are those that are characterized with many national and international calamities of all sorts. Paradious Sakala