Patrol meets thieving lovers

For example, I would consider it an exciting night if, for example, we confronted a gang of criminals trying to break into a house, or if our patrol team was called in to stop a drunken brawl at a party taking place within our area of operation.AKING part in neighbourhood

Child marriage continues to ruin young lives in Zambia

  By ANNIE ZULU  THE practice of child marriage, defined as a formal marriage or an informal union of anyone younger than the age of 18, is a reality that continues to affect many children globally and Zambia is no exception. Zambia is among the top 20 countries with the highest prevalence rate


  By Chungu Katotobwe   GOOD MARKETING means that the marketplace pays for your marketing! One of the reasons why clients do not buy more lines of insurance and refer to your agency minimally is because they do not know what you sell. I know it seems obvious to you, but if you do

The media hype about an imminent Kariba Dam failure

  By Ronald Lwamba Kariba Dam operators have been advised to open only three spillways in an event of a flood, to alternate the gates that they open, and not to open Gate 6 at all. What kind of evacuation plan would be needed should the dam fail in some way, and


  By Philip Chirwa “Look here,  young man, “ the giant threatened, his clean-shaven head glittering in the hot afternoon sun. “If you don’t stop insulting me, I will beat you. Do you hear?” he barked. But the boy, strikingly handsome and sporting an Afro hairdo that gave him a rather feminine look,

Are we ready for the fourth industrial data revolution?

  By Kelvin Chungu In the previous article, I wrote about the global trends (as adapted from an EY Upside of Disruption, thought leadership publication) that are currently disrupting industries boundaries and in turn adding stress to the bottom line of many enterprises, partly enabled by the advent of mobile communications and


  Mr. President, avoid the American tragedy By Donald Chanda In May last year during the campaigns, the Economist Magazine carried a cover story you entitled “Trump’s triumph, Americas tragedy”. At that time, given the win in primaries, it was clear that you would now run for presidency on the Republican ticket. Yes,

Increasing insurance sales

  By Chungu Katotobwe Most business surveys shows that, small business owners who spend at least 6 hours every week utilizing social media are twice as likely to generate new customers as those who spend 5 hours or less. The benefits of social media include additional exposure, increased traffic, and improved search

Indigenous forecasting techniques

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Introduction In this article, I use two key words i.e. “indigenous” and “forecasting”. In the context of this article “indigenous” is defined native or local and “forecasting” At its basic form, forecasting can be defined as prediction of a future occurrence or condition. It can also be thought of as a planning

Japan support for the under-privileged cheers Zambia

By AARON CHIYANZO  A sight one can never forget is that of a rural girl child being thankful for an education that has been brought close to her door step. Education is the most compelling means to initiate social alterations and improve community development in any country. The role of education,