The ABC of growing your SME

By DAVIS MULENGA THE unemployment rate of more than 70 percent  is one of the key potential catalysts for Zambians to create Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This would ultimately create employment and reduce poverty. This is according to Todd Palmer, an influential global entrepreneur who illustrates a belief that failing more

Archives of a meat grader

BY Makeli Phiri AGRICULTURE is a broad subject which some people, if not many, cannot understand. But for a person involved in food production from this blessed soil of ours, I can understand how precious agriculture is. There are so many arms or wings of agriculture which contributes and makes agriculture the

I will do it for Zambia

...Miss Heritage-Zambia’s Faith Mukonko aims to win the global showpiece By BENNIE MUNDANDO I  AM not going to compete at the Miss. Heritage global beauty pageant as a mere participant but as a real contender to the crown and will also use the opportunity to sell Zambia’s tourism prospects to the

Fire insurance (Part III)

KNOWLEDGE can change the heart, and the heart can change the mind……. You have worked hard all your life to have the possessions that you deserve, so why put all that in danger by failing to have adequate insurance coverage against fire, whether by accident or by arson (deliberate)? Fire is


By Mark Kunda WHILE the stomach has a limit to how much food it can accommodate, the brain has no limit to how much knowledge it can accommodate. If you have stopped learning, it is not because your brain is full or that you have finished learning everything that needs to be learnt.

The root cause of Zambia’s political divide

By Thembani M. Tembo   AS we embark on this auspicious journey of patriotic articulation, isn’t it ironic how after the invocation of Article 31 the storm has seemingly subsided? But we’ve learnt to be sadder but wiser and not misconstrue this elephant in the room for a fly, and attempt to

The birth and essence of trade unions

By Dr Kashiwa Bulaya     The social plans to serve the interests of the workers in their Utopian form were evolved, as a rule, not by the workers but by progressive thinkers in many cases belonging to other classes. The English Utopian socialist Robert Owen (1771-1858) was born into a craftsman’s family, but

Household statistics

By Prof. Eustarckio Kazonga   A household is a group of people who normally live and eat together. These may or may not be related by blood, marriage or adoption, but make common provision for food or other essentials for living and they have only one person whom they all regard as


You have won the battle against justice but you have not won the war against justice Mr. President, Congratulations! You have won the battle, the battle of your Executive Order barring people entry into the United States of America, on account of the countries they are coming from. It is injustice, by your

Women pall-bearers shock marketeers

Fallback Image

As ‘handsome’ conman is sent to prison By Phili Chirwa IT was obvious from the look of shock on their faces that the residents of Lusaka’s New Kabwata and Kabwata Estates had never seen anything like it before. In fact, some of them even wished they hadn’t been around to witness the