‘Uproot’ defiant cops

THE conduct of traffic police officers has in numerous cases proved to be inconveniencing to motorists and the general public because of the wayward fashion they mount roadblocks. At times, traffic officers mount road blocks dangerously on blind spots while in other instances, they literary lay an ambush in a manner

Nasty riots

THE nasty riots in Kanyama Township in Lusaka smack of some disruptive undertones aimed at blemishing the spirited fight against cholera at the time when the trend analysis shows a 50 per cent decrease in the disease load. Kanyama Township is the epicentre of the cholera outbreak which is now edging

‘Clip’ ritual killers

THE ugly pattern of ritual murders that has resurfaced in Lusaka requires an effective community policing system to smash the covertly designed heinous crimes. In the past, law enforcement officers have faced obstacles in tracking down perpetrators of this abhorrent crime in the early stages. The public must this time around


THE government has a big battle on its hands and all concerted efforts are needed to eliminate the cholera outbreak that is ravaging the capital city, Lusaka and a few other towns in the country. President Edgar Lungu, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, took a bold decision to enforce closure

Humble ministers

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A HUMBLE leader has the inherent ability to galvanise citizens in the development agenda of the country, a feat that Zambia is in a hurry to exploit. Apart from humility, a leader must possess other requisite qualities such as honesty, integrity, level-headedness, high competence levels and should be able to foster


TRADITIONAL rulers occupy a distinguished position in any society, the reason why they are treated with due respect and consulted on cultural and societal values. Their disposition both in private and public is thus expected to be above board and should at all times execute their traditional functions fairly and with

Stability in PF is important to the Nation

Sometimes negative forces do our job for us. Earlier this week, Luapula Province was reported to have gone into jubilation following reports that Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba had resigned, with some PF cadres taking to the streets in celebration. However, his resignation was allegedly meant to preempt an imminent


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LANDS Minister Jean Kapata has finally done what she should done long ago, that is, clip the wings of cadres who have gone on rampage grabbing land from rightful owners with impunity. Obviously fed up with nagging stories of so called-party cadres invading private land, Ms Kapata yesterday decided to flex


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THERE is a misinterpretation in our Zambian politics of what collective responsibility entails. Zambians have been left wondering as to whether there is any morality in local politicians who change their behaviour like chameleons immediately their political fortunes change – particularly if it is on the downside. A typical example is Mr

Civic accountability

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IT is axiomatic that the failure of the Lusaka City Council reflects on the performance of the Patriotic Front and it is for this reason that President Edgar Lungu did not mince his words about the sloppy and slovenly performance of the local authority which has allowed the degeneration of