Economic recovery in sight

  ASSURANCES by Africa’s richest man Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the proprietor of Dangote Group of Companies, to diversify his investment in Zambia is not only good news but also a testament that Zambia has a conducive investment environment. The pronouncements to invest more money in sectors such as agriculture is timely considering

The Zambian maize matrix

WHILE the Government and millers were this week engaged in tough negotiations on how to find a solution to the escalating mealie meal prices, it would appear someone is cashing in on the fluid situation and laughing all the way to the bank. The reports from North Western Province that authorities

A new way to die

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  THE state of the University Teaching Hospital mortuary, where bodies are reported to be piled on the floor for lack of space in the refrigerators, calls for urgent attention by the authorities. We must all find a new way to die and our remains secured in the 21st Century. UTH is the

Cartels in textbook tender

  THE manner in which tenders have been floated and contracts awarded for the publication of school text books to publishers by the Ministry of General Education has always raised concerns from the stakeholders and the nation at large. There has been an outcry from the local publishers that the centralised procurement

Road Maintenance

  We challenge the Chief Executive Director of the Road Development Agency Engineer Elias Mwape to drive along Mungwi Road, past Zambia Breweries, and explain to the nation why the road has been allowed to deteriorate to such a deplorable state. While at it, he should also explain why Lumumba road repairs

The K140m water bill

IT IS inconceivable that Lusaka water consumers, who are so vocal and critical about any slip-ups by the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC), can owe the water utility company a whooping K140 million in unpaid water bills. The task to meet the daily domestic and industrial water needs of nearly

Leading by example

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  President Edgar Lungu yesterday led the way towards reconciliation in the ruling party by pardoning all the Patriotic Front renegades who rebelled after being left out in the adoption process, stood as Independents and won – terribly embarrassing its leadership. The 12 rebels who contested the August 11 election as Independents

Year of peace

WE MUST all strive to make 2017 the year of peace in which to overcome our differences, end hunger and suffering, stop the wars raging around us, fight climate change and endeavour to bring relative prosperity to all. This is the lofty aspiration of the United Nations as the New Year

PF wrangles rage on

CONTINUED wrangles among Patriotic Front (PF) honchos is an exposure of those who have chosen to defy the party constitution and standing orders with impunity. In our December 27, 2016 editorial comment, we chronicled a catalogue of events that risk putting the reputation of the party and that of its party

Reflections on 2016

  2016 was a year of mixed blessings and set a good base on which to project what 2017 holds in stock. Be that as it may, the year 2016 had its own share of challenges both economically and politically. Apart from the so many successes that were registered in 2016, probably the