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IT is nonsensical and actually treasonous for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his lieutenants to claim that extra judicial killings are taking place in Zambia. Do they know what extra judicial killings are? These are killings ordered by the government outside the judicial process. Who has been killed in this manner? It


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ANY doubts that anyone could have had about the calibre of some politicians’ intelligence or lack of it must have been put to rest by the behaviour of Mr Hakainde Hichilema, the president of what is Zambia’s largest opposition party, the United Party for National Development. He is that type of


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THE levels of desperation being exhibited by the top brass of the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leaders do not come as a surprise. There is no doubt that the leaders are envious of the successes being scored by the ruling Patriotic Front in various sectors of the economy. Apart


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CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and debate are arguably progressive ingredients in any well-meaning democratic dispensation and should be encouraged. But criticism for the sake of it, or rather criticism which does not add value to the country’s development agenda is not only retrogressive but inimical to the norms and values of our country. It


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A VIDEO  showing police officers in uniform and an unidentified man exchanging punches has not only shocked the nation but brought to the fore everything that is wrong with the Zambia Police Service. A police officer fighting in public is not a spectacle that we ought to see in public.  It

Stop counterfeits

THE problem of counterfeit bank notes needs to be urgently nipped in the bud once and for all because it has the potential to destroy our economy if left unchecked. Police and other security wings have undoubtedly been grappling with this problem for a long time now yet despite countless arrests


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The presence of the UPND members of Parliament was in tandem with President Edgar Lungu’s upbeat mantra of a national vision that towered above artificial schisms. The President envisioned a Zambia that was bound together by love humility, truthfulness, selflessness and integrity being at the core of a national ethos. For far


WE have known Chishimba Kambwili to be intellectually bankrupt, uncouth and a man lacking in morality, but this time he has over reached himself by the profanity he spewed last weekend. Even fellow opposition members have condemned him for his temerity which has no bounds in its foolishness. Now former UPND vice-president


FARMERS must be sighing with relief over yesterday’s revelation that President Edgar Lungu was privy to the cry and lamentation of farmers over this year’s maize marketing, particularly over the unilateral price announced by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA). That the President has found it fit to assure clergymen of his


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THE decision by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to outsource labour is a matter of grave concern as it represents a policy move that is unacceptable. There can be no explanation or justification for that matter for KCM to disregard the government directive banning the recruitment and employment of foreigners in place