Budding Muvi TV host redefines social media

By Terence Miselo

Joel Mwanza is a young journalist and Muvi TV personality popularly known for the Game show adverts, ‘Z-Kids News’, ‘ Teen Fusion’ and ‘ Our Perspective,’ all youth-oriented shows that have given him the desire to work even harder in all his over 3000 TV appearances.

With inspiration from his twin brother, Noel and a lot more othersl, Mwanza has now decided to spread his TV influence to social media in a bid to help young people venture into more constructive and productive lives.

” I have always had a vision and passion for the youths and to bring this vision and passion to light, I  thought it wise to use Social media(Facebook) as a medium to promote the gifted,skilled,talented and young people with dreams in our globe(Zambia),” he says in explaining his new venture to redefine the use of social media by young people.

His Facebook Account and page dubbed Joel Mwanza and Joel Mwanza,youth promoter respectively are both designed to bring out positive discourse and motivation to help yong people.

 “It is imperative to stretch the fact that it is evident that most people and youths to be specific,spend most of their time on social media and for which,how they spend their time is somewhat questionable because most youths of our generation don’t post constructive stuff on social media,” he argues to defend his initiative.

“This initiative has its overall objective which is to help the targeted facebook viewers to gain self-esteem,self confidence,motivation,inspiration and above all,make them realise that they can also make it big in life through the stories I post about the already established youths.”

In his new journey, Joel wants to reach as many youths as possible. He is very positive young people will be highly inspired as he pays tribute to his mentors.

“I get my inspiration from Master Chimbala and of course, my  parents,especially mum with whom I have received tender love and care.My twin brother Noel Mwanza,Janet Kasonde,Moses Zulu, Costa Mwansa a renowned TV Personality and C.E.O for Diamond TV, and lastly my best friend Cheswa Kapasa,” concludes Joel.

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