Photography is fast becoming one of the most popular art forms in Zambian entertainment today. A number of youths have taken photography as a full time career venturing in fashion, music, weddings, wildlife and nature photography.

Once such Zambian youth promoting this art is Kennedy Banda. This is a photographer that has taken his skill to another level that is now earning a living out of it.

“Many young people study courses that they know they have passion for and the like. In the same way, I have a serious passion for photography and videos thus I did video production to better my art,” says Banda who notices that photography has become a major player in entertainment.

” Entertainment has become a major employer and market for photography. We need therefore to work hard as artists in this field to higher our standards.”

True to Banda’s belief, Zambia has since seen the growth of photography as an art. This is evidenced in a number of photo studios in the country that are working hand in hand with entertainers. For this reason, Banda is eager to set up his own photo studio.

“Because of my love for photography I started doing wedding photos and videos as my objective is to open a photo studio of my own. I have worked as an asset consultant to raise funds and now I work for Umoyo Natural Health as a team leader or store manager. My agenda is to help develop the art of photography. I will focus on raising money and conquer my dream,” says Banda who also hopes to see the country promote a culture of photo galleries to encourage independent photographers.

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