By Terence Miselo

The fight against Trachoma, a disease that causes blindness, was launched in Kitwe recently involving some of Zambia’s top musicians. Orbis International, working with the Ministry of Health lined up artistes Jae Cash, T-Sean, Tiye P, Chef 187 and Dalisoul, through the music mother body, the Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM). These artistes were mainly engaged in sensitisation and awareness creation on Trachoma.

It took ZAM president, Njoya Tembo, to lead the team to two road shows held in Kwacha and Chimwemwe townships. Both events drew crowds that thought they would be entertained only but alas! The message about eliminating Trachoma was loud and clear!

The launch was successfull and prompted Orbis Country Representative, Mr Generous Mwewa Mukanga, to applaud ZAM for being professional and reliable as it delivered beyond expectation. He assured its president of continued working partnership in the near future, especially with the soon to be signed MoU between the two organisations.

After the successful launch, Orbis and the Ministry of Health went in the Kitwe communities to distribute Azithromycine drugs for prevention of trachoma. Musicians who participated appreciated the gesture especially that they were chosen out of the many, to be part of event. They commended the Association for considering them to participate on such educative programmes.

T-Sean felt the need to take the message across the country in order to help save lives from blindness. Rapper Chef 187 encouraged young people to continue washing their faces with soap if they were to prevent Trachoma.

“Washing your face at least twice a day is good enough”, Chef 187 said. Tiye P on the other hand called upon the media to help take the message out there for “an informed population is half way prevention”.

This two-day mission was concluded with a dinner at which ZAM president proposed a toast for more successful road shows.

He commended his musicians for being exceptional in their execution of duty. “ZAM is very proud of each one of you as its members”, Mr Tembo said.

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